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    Code help P0153

    The other day the X was idling and began to run rough for a few seconds. The check engine light came on so I ran a scan and came up with: "P0153 O2 sensor CKT slow response bank 2 sensor 1" I replaced the sensors a few months back but the 98 is strange. The 99 and up call for a DY 847 but...
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    Sea Foam Insertion Point

    Well I finally got to seafoam the X today. I have been waiting for about 6 months to get a can so I thought I would take the advise here and do it both ways. I can not bring seafoam on a plane so I bought a few cans and had them shipped down in a new F-150 a friend bought in the states. I...
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    Under hood insulation

    I was putting a hood light in the X today I took from a Ranger since mine did not have one. As I was cutting a hole in the insulation I started to think what does this do. Some have it and some don't. I do not know what purpose it serves but was wondering since I live in a warm climate year...
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    Replacing bushings

    I just ordered a set from after searching the web and ebay it was the best price I found. I do not know why you need to replace the bar itself unless it is bent. As far as the rear I ordered a set for the 95-97 and hope they will will work. I need to take the chance...
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    Keyless entry Fob not working right

    I did not read the post correctly. That program will only work with the Ford factory installed unit (I think). Sorry but I don't know about the other system. Scott
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    Keyless entry Fob not working right

    When you turned the key on and off 8 times did you end up leaving it in the on position? If that does not work just keep going a few more times until the locks open and close. If not there is a problem with the system. Scott
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    Help Please - part number - defogger switch?

    F57B-18C621-AB Number on the part itself Scott
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    Power driver's window

    Hi all, Quick question: 98 explorer XLT has power windows but the "one touch down" is different than I am use to and wondering if there is a problem. On most Fords I have had the switch had two positions, lightly pressing it makes it go down as long as you hold it. Pressing it all the way...
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    5th gear gone

    Anyone??? Still hoping to get some ideas here. This is the full story. The explorer has 120,000k on it and I just replaced the filter and fluid (syn meets merc V). I was driving from Costa Rica to Nicaragua this week when the O/D light started blinking and I lost 5th gear. It stayed that...
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    5th gear gone

    Thanks, I figured there may be a thread on this but I have not found one with this problem. I have 1,2,3,4, but no fifth. As I said the light just keeps blinking. It will be hard to find the problem here but if I have some ideas on what could be wrong I may be able to get some parts next...
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    5th gear gone

    Hi Tried to do a quick search but I am not at home and found nothing for this problem. I was driving in between countries through some mountains when the overdrive light started to blink. It is steady on and off and there is no fifth gear. First off, is this going to cause a problem if I...
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    Fuel Filter (Help Needed)

    On the left side of the motor there is a blue cap (I have a 98 SOHC) on the fuel rail where you can relieve the pressure. I did this but found no pressure after the truck sat overnite and was cold. I just posted how I got mine loose in the good for life thread. Scott
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    Good for life?

    I would really suggest changing it. Granted the gas may be somewhat different in central America I don't think it is much worse. Plus this truck was in the US until 60 or 70k. It was like mud and I did not cut it open so I can only imagine what is inside it. My truck too was running great...
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    Auto Unlocking and Body Parts

    You can not program the doors to auto UN-lock on to lock. You can deprogram the auto lock feature so that the doors do not lock automatically. This way you do not have to worry about opening them but you will drive with unlocked doors unless you lock it manually. Other option would be a...
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    Good for life?

    I read somewhere (think the owners manual???) that the gas filter is good for the life of the truck. I don't know who thought of that but just changed mine after 120,000 miles, I am guessing it is original. Here is what came out of the inlet, I did not cut it open just drained out what I...
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    Passenger side O2 sensor

    Too Late S$!t.............I just got done with it the hard way!!! Wish I knew that before. Good info, Scott
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    fluids for a hard driven vehicle

    I just finished doing my 98 and used quaker state 4x4 synthetic trans fluid for the transfer case and trans. It was the only fliud that met mercon V here. I also changed the filter since it was original and it shifts smooth now. I took the advise here and disconnect the line to the radator added...
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    Whatya call the ....

    Thanks Dave, I was under the impression there were two since I never looked real hard but see that is only one. Anyway, at this time I am living in Costa Rica and the roads (you can barely call them roads) are in very poor condition. There are places that have more holes than pavement, no...
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    Keyless entry not working right

    That is good info. My book said 5 times to reprogram a flob and 7 times to set new codes for all flobs. After trying several times with no luck I just keeped turning the key on and off until the locks opened and closed. Thought it was 9 times but it must have been 8. Scott
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    Whatya call the ....

    Thanks for all info and the link. $90 each kinda hurts hopefully I can find something in a parts store next time I get to the states. Scott
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    PCV Location 98 V6 SOHC

    I took the cover off when I did it but that was just to find it. You do not have to take it off but if it is really stuck (like mine original 120,000) then it could help. As I said it is directly behind that right side ridge and you can see it by standing on the right side of the truck. Just...
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    Whatya call the ....

    Thanks, I saw something that may have called them rear kickers. I would like to replace them (lots of squeaking noise) as many roads in central America are in bad shape and every little bit helps. Problem is I can't find any listed. Thanks Scott
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    Whatya call the ....

    I explained it wrong, they run more side-to-side than up and down (horizontal). They are in front of the rear shocks just behind the muffler. They look like small shocks and I guess control swaying from side to side. I looked on several auto parts web sites and none had them listed. Thanks Scott
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    Keyless entry not working right

    Have you tried to reprogram it? The book says turn the key on and off 7 times (I had to do it 9 times on my 98) until the door locks open and close. Then hit any botton on the remotes you want to use within a few seconds and it should work. If not recheck the battery. Scott
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    5 speed auto transmission?

    Check you door tag, depends on the motor you have also. You can look up more in here. Scott