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    Upper Radiator Hose Leak

    I've been noticing that my XLT 4.0 has been losing coolant from the overflow. I've also noticed the smell of coolant from under the hood, and have found residue. Other than that no overheating problems. This morning I decided to trace the leak and found coolant pooling on the upper part of the...
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    How to: Install Your Own Shocks

    Just did my shocks all the way around. Rears about two weeks ago, and fronts the other day. Replaced them with Monroe Sensatracs. Didn't need to remove the wheels to do the fronts. Its a pain in the butt, to work around the tire, but it can be done.
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    Temp Gauge, coolant loss, rough idle/accel

    Update: Took it to the shop. Head gasket and two cracked headers. Plus a cracked transmission pan.
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    Is this bad?

    I noticed this green wire was cut on the EGR Valve. Is this bad?
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    Temp Gauge, coolant loss, rough idle/accel

    Is this bad I noticed this green wire is cut, not sure if this has anything to do with the aforementioned issues.
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    Misfires, cant find the problem.

    @WICS I'm not sure about the plugs, but I bought Duralast Wires from Autozone, along with the a Duralast Coil pack. I'm still having fuel consumption issues, along with misfires, and trouble downshifting.
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    Misfires, cant find the problem.

    I'm having a similiar issue. I just replaced the coil pack with a Duralast from Auto Zone. Its about a week old. It didn't seem to help the problem. The plugs and wires, as well as thermostat are all less than a year old. I'm also experiencing issues with the engine not heating up (either a bad...
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    Temp Gauge, coolant loss, rough idle/accel

    I swapped the coil packs last night. Some of the rough acceleration stopped. However I did notice Transmission fluid on the garaged floor. I found the general area from where it was coming from. I checked the dipstick, and the level is still good. There does seem to be a delay when upshifting...
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    Temp Gauge, coolant loss, rough idle/accel

    I haven't noticed any coolant or water in my oil, and I've been through several oil changes. I did begin to think it was the water pump, but I haven't seen any signs of leakage. At times I do smell antifreeze after driving, but can never pinpoint the location. I don't know if this is constant or...
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    Temp Gauge, coolant loss, rough idle/accel

    I've got a 96' Ford Explorer V6 4.0, with a slew of problems. They may be related, or they may not, but here are the big ones in order of occurance. ROUGH IDLE/ACCELERATION: When I bought it last year, the previous owners said that it had problems missing. They said that sometimes it would...
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    Overheating after spark plug replacement

    I have a 1996 Explorer 4.0L V6 Today I swapped out all of my spark plugs. I had some trouble with one plug, breaking off at the porcelain, but the threads and hub were still intact. I bought some PB and sprayed to loosen it. I managed to get it out, and swap the rest of my spark plugs...