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    Rear view mirror wiring diagram

    I believe so and IIRC, it's a molex connector that is shared amongst other Ford vehicles and pin1 is generally at that corner.
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    2016 Cooled Seats

    Still didn't work.
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    2016 Cooled Seats

    The seat backs never worked when I had the EX, even after they replaced the motors. But the butt section works too well, even in the lowest setting.
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    2016 Explorer Platinum - burning oil smell inside the cabin

    Burning PTU fluid smells like propane gas.
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    How to: PTU Oil Change (Tons of Pics) 2016 Explorer Sport

    Since you were recently under your 16 EX Sport, do you remember seeing if your PTU was the watercooled version with two ports and plumbing coming out of it?
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    Rear Suspension Toe Link Recall

    Only 1 in Mexico? Approximately 1.2 million vehicles in the United States and federalized territories Approximately 28,000 vehicles in Canada 1 vehicle in Mexico
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    Combined Recalls for 2011 - 2019 Explorer models

    Ford...not surprised. When I still had the EX Sport last year, the recall was performed, even though at that time it wasn't applicable in my region.
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    Combined Recalls for 2011 - 2019 Explorer models

    How come it doesn't show alignment as part of the remedy?
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    Oil catch can / who has installed it and how much oil becomes "catched" ?

    Do you notice the smell of the oil vapors since installing the UPR catch-can. I didn't notice it too much, but now my coworker, whom I sold the EX too says the smell is more apparent. I will likely uninstall the catch-can for him, as he doesn't care to have it on.
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    Rear Suspension Toe Link Recall

    I agree, but the cheapos used by Ford will all fail at the same spot...the plastic cap! My EX Sport was sold to a coworker and he had to replace the passenger side, at 40K miles (just outside of the comprehensive warranty period). There's a reason why Ford is changing the rears to an all forged...
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    Rear Suspension Toe Link Recall

    I'm calling it now... Soon the front stabilizer links will be recalled also. The cap of the ball-joint is also plastic and can break easily. Ford should have used forged steel for all of the stabilizer links.
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    A/C Rear Line Leak

    Poor design for sure, as part of the lines hangs very low and exposed to all of that crap during the winters.
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    A/C Rear Line Leak

    Must be defective lines, as here in Ontario Canada, our roads are salted during the winters, which causes corrosion and this problem is not systemic, although is susceptible with all makes and models.
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    Lunging during acceleration

    Do you have climate control set to auto? Sometimes when the AC kicks on and off, it can feel like the vehicle is lunging forward, but is more apparent on smaller engines, versus a v6.
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    Lunging during acceleration

    Nothing that I was able to repeat, but it happened the few odd time during the 3yrs I owned.
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    Canada ESP plans now discounted

    Any Canadian members successful able to get a decent deal from Blownsmoke's arrangement? I was thinking of sharing this with my coworker, whom I sold my EX to.
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    Car Service, ESP to rescue!

    ESP is a must after factory warranty is up!
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    Rear Suspension Toe Link Recall

    For those that had the recall performed under recall# 17S11, no alignment was done at all.
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    Lunging during acceleration

    On my first DIY oil change (after I used the freebie at the dealership), I had to tighten the hose clamp of the charge pipe the one turbo that is near the front bumper, as it was barely holding the pipe in place.
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    Lunging during acceleration

    Check the connections on the turbo to the charge pipes.
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    Rear Suspension Toe Link Recall

    Ottawa, Ontario resident here and before I sold my 2016 EX Sport, the rear toe link recall was performed last year (minus the alignment) when it went in for a failed PTU and tranny. I didn't even ask the dealership to do it specifically, as they mentioned that it came up under the VIN search...
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    Buzzing noise under dash when car is off

    The Explorers have an intelligent battery monitoring system, which should prevent parasitic draws. The buzzing noise can be related to the power inverter, in which there is a TSB for it.
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    How to adjust ATF level

    There should be a dipstick/filler neck right under the factory airbox. You can see it without removing the airbox, but will have to remove the air box to access it.
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    2014 Sport steering clunk help please

    When you say you can feel it in parked, do you mean the EX is still running and you are turning the steering wheel left to right and the sound is present? I would also check the stabilizer end links, which is very easy to replace.
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    Comparisons between 2014-2015 models vs 2016 and up Ford Explorer Sport

    Correct, the PTU is covered up to 5yr/60k miles. Before I sold my 2016 Sport, it went out under 30K miles and covered under the bumper to bumper warranty.