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    How to: Rebuild 4X4 Shift Motor

    what happens if its not? because i deffinitly did.
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    How to: Rebuild 4X4 Shift Motor

    ive tried to rotate it manually even before i finished putting it back together, it clicked into 4x4 hi (the first notch) then from there (in park, engine off, key off) clicked right into 4x4 low. i can engage both of them manually (ive tested them in the yard) but when i try to but it into 2wd...
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    How to: Rebuild 4X4 Shift Motor

    disconnected both terminals on the battery for about 20min. still no avail. and i dont have acess to a multimeter. from "factory" position, whats gunna be my best bet to start turning the cap, counter clockwise? UPDATE - the only time i can hear the relays now is when its in neutral (running...
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    How to: Rebuild 4X4 Shift Motor

    i have tried the shift motor on and off the transfer case nothing either way, and i only finger tightned them to test it on the xfercase. and judging by the pictures i took, and the marks, it looks like that was what the bumps were used for. ill try resetting the computer and let you know what...
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    How to: Rebuild 4X4 Shift Motor

    i took some pictures of the tranfercase motor pictured here and got a loose idea of where it needed to be.then when i was actually aligning it i found the match marks from the factory, on the peice the cap bolts too, there is one whole section on each side. if you seen it you would know what im...
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    deamon3's Jurassic Park explorer build thread

    daemon, have you checked the ECC? that went on mine and ruined the whole truck.
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    How to: Rebuild 4X4 Shift Motor

    retested the cm. tested the motor without the sensor gear in it, and it purred right along in both directions. used the factory marks on the shift motor to realign the sensor cap. still nothing when i press the button. i hear the relay clicks, nothing with it attached or detached from the...
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    How to: Rebuild 4X4 Shift Motor

    okay, so heres where im at. bushin was in peices. so replaced it with hose, but me in my ability to only half do somthing, didnt mark anything, i tried the trick to realign it by manually putting it into 4x4h. which its now stuck in, but i get nothing from the motor, so my next step was to hold...
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    What is The TPS Adjustment Mod?

    i read about it in an old old old thread and i cant find anything else on it, ive looked everywhere..
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    rear wiper not working. HELP

    i can move mine completly through range and down to the bumper by hand. is that the motor or possible the switch you guys are talking about?
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    Trouble Changing Shocks

    i look at pictures like these and realize how nice the underside of mine is. good luck man!
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    Horrendous exhaust odor

    hmmm, the far left one of thoes hoses was cracked to the point it fell off on mine, and i experienced no problems of the sort, but i ductaped it up and was on my way.
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    i am in the near to distant future, do they really come smoked out like that?

    i am in the near to distant future, do they really come smoked out like that?
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    First Gen mod pics

    anyone know where i can get taillights like cybergasm's????
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    i sucked mine up through the vacumme tube on the break booster, had 4 neighbors ask me if my car was on fire, otherwise, i had a really nice smoke show. lol
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    92 explorer 2 door stereo - amp or no?

    i have the cheap sony head unit, and i have a 15" Kicker L5 Hooked Up To The Factory Subwoofer Amp, And Its Rediculous, The Clear Panels On The Door Lights Fell Off In The First 45 Minutes That I Had It Hooked Up. Im Not Sure If Its Just The Pure Displacement Of Such A Large Speaker Or If Its...
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    92 explorer 2 door stereo - amp or no?

    Turns out my sub was actually blown, i cut the wires coming from the amp that go to the factory sub, spliced in some new speaker wire, and hooked it all up to my 15" L5. and there is plenty of thump. thanks everyone. :D
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    Need wiring diagram for '93 JBL system

    anyone ever get a sub working in a 1st gen with an aftermarket head unit?
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    92 explorer 2 door stereo - amp or no?

    hate to be that guy, but nothing is helping lol. that wiring diagram kinda helps but its such a low res pic. is there a possibility that the input for the sub amp is generated from the other amp?
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    How to: Wire in Factory Sub to Aftermarket Stereo

    i have a 93 limited with the premium sound system. no idea what color wires to look for, i opened up the sleeve on the little square adapter to try and figure it out. (i bought the amp bypass kit made by spectra at best buy) only reason i got that i thought my amp was cooked, turned out to be...
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    92 explorer 2 door stereo - amp or no?

    Thanks BigRondo, And Sorry Everyone Else For Stealing This Guys Thread. sadly, 12volt only covers the basic stereo, and autozone does not even touch baswe on anything stereo related. tried using the speaker wire colores from 12volt, and see what wires i had that that diagram didnt. turns out...
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    92 explorer 2 door stereo - amp or no?

    its a 93 limited with the premium sound. i read that. tried a few things, just ended up breaking things, one post said the wires are the same color they are coming out of the amp, mine are red and yellow. after opening up the sleeve with all the speaker wires in it to find no red or yellow...
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    92 explorer 2 door stereo - amp or no?

    i have the harnes adapter, the amp works, its a bit staticy at times, but the sub wont go. could this be because i got the harness with the bypass bit and just didnt use it?
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    92 explorer 2 door stereo - amp or no?

    is there anyway to use just the amp and sub with an aftermarket head unit?
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    Fuel Gauge Question

    turdle, the only reason i started a new thread was because i havent read or heard of anyone getting stuck at quarter. it had moved once months ago to half but that was just for a second. as for that ground, it connects up the neck of the fuel filler, any ideas what that could be? i can take a...