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    hard 2nd gear shift (esp.when warm)

    No metal in the pan. Just the magnet-stripe was coated with thin grey and creamy stuff. I have already ordered a new OD- and intermediate- servo-pistons. Hope I can manage the change without special tools. I forgot - the downshift from 3 to 2 is also a little hard (can hear it sometimes...
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    hard 2nd gear shift (esp.when warm)

    does anybody know the reasons for the following behavior of my explorer (mj 2000 with 5r55e transmission): 1. In the morning when the transmission is cold, it shifts perfect from 1st to 2nd gear (you didn't even feel the shift). 2. after 2-3 miles the shifting gets harder, as if something...
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    hard shift from 1st to 2nd gear

    Hi there, this is a question from Germany. My Model 2000 Explorer 6 Cyl, shifts hard from 1st to 2nd gear. Sometimes it's so hard that the TCIL is flashing until I switch the ignition off. All other gears are fine. I changed ATF (MerconV) and filter, I cleaned valvebody, valves (except Bore...