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    Separate from Tranny?

    i just had my tranny rebuilt and i'm still having similar problems i did the night it went out. The guy that rebuilt it came and test drove it and couldn't get the transfer case into neutral. He opened the plug up and said it looked like glitter inside. I told him i could rebuild it so i can...
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    Problems With Lift?

    i basically HAD the same type of setup you're describing and i chewed up my tires so bad. It would never align right, and i was only running 33's. running a 39 puts so much strain on that front end. Have you done any of the items you've listed? if not you may want to start piecing a SAS...
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    Drivetrain troubles....HELP!!!!

    well it seems my truck has once again set me back with a vehicle. after leaving my house last night, my truck kept felt like it was surging and like something was clashing. i make it to the top of the hill to a stop sign, and when i try to go again i have a no go. the truck doesn't move. when i...
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    Getting very bad gas milage.

    i know why couldn't be bc of your HUGE tires could it? J/K...You should only have one O2 sensor on your truck seems to drink A LOT of gas as well. did you check your truck with a scanner?
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    New Toy For Pwsx4

    Sweet!! that'll be awesome when you two get it all done. Can't wait for some progress pics.
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    New Toy For Pwsx4

    that's cool man. i was in an accident in my BEAST yesterday, so we'll see how much damage she did to me after it gets assessed by the insurance. I may end up going with a one piece front end clip in fiberglass. i'll let you know what happens. just let me know on the trailer. your truck...
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    New Toy For Pwsx4

    The Zuk is looking great Perry and PWSX4...if you need any parts for the monster i am going to start working at Bullhide 4x4 starting May 2. If you need anything i'm sure the guys there can help you out. I know you probably go to spidertrax too since they deal with a lot of these types of...
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    Rear seat recline?

    you can always put bucket seats in the back and then have some that recline.
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    New Toy For Pwsx4

    Hey man, you still around? Been a long time. Still have the Purple Monster? Haven't seen it around for a while. You still working over off of Mulberry still? If you see a SAS explorer on 33's it's probably mine. Got another question. Do you do all your body work? I am working on a...
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    bedliner questions

    i noticed in Petersen's offroad magazine that rhino lining makes a spray or whatever it is to "reshine" your truck bed. The link that was given was that of the rhino linings website. I may have to touch mine up too. hope this helps.
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    Project: Weekend Warrior

    I thought i would post on here what i have been up to the past couple of weekends. I got a free Datsun pick up truck bed and am converting it into my trailer. it will have 33" tires upon completion to match those of my truck. let me know what you think so far. pics are located on PAGE 5 at...
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    starting on sas parts list

    i do believe HAMMER was working on this already.
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    starting on sas parts list

    right on...let us know how it goes.
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    starting on sas parts list

    don't think so...just F-250 shock towers
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    starting on sas parts list

    just email or something like that and tell him what you're looking for.
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    starting on sas parts list

    I have found my list. I am probably missing some items, but this will give you a good idea. Hope it helps. Dana 30 HP Axle from a 91 YJ - $50 F-250 Shock Towers - $30 SOA Perches - $32 Leaf Spring Hangers (Compliments of NOTAJP) - $185 Leaf Springs 2.5" Pro Comps (Going with Rancho...
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    starting on sas parts list

    i'll get you my list and my prices tomorrow when i can find the list i have made.
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    4.0 Weight

    does anyone happen to know the approximate weight of a 4.0 motor with the accessories? i can't seem to find it. any help would appreciated. Tom
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    no a/c explorers?

    i got my NON A/C control unit from . it came from a similar style ranger. Check out that site. I only paid like $25 shipped for it.
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    Is this all i need to do a sas?

    Thanks NOTAJP. Hit me up anytime if you need any help researching on your SAS. I had read from day one on Rick's buildup until today. Soak in all you can. I personally wanted an axle that was going to maintain the stock bolt pattern as well as leaf springs. go YJ for it's HP. and if you're...
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    Is this all i need to do a sas?

    It's Swee294349 :-) You may get lucky and spend around a grand. I myself spent about $2000 so far and all i need to do now is lengthen my driveshaft and have it aligned. NOTAJP did my spring hangers (which are indestructable), and you need to find the right deals on parts, and either know how...
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    sas price with a dana 30

    it all depends on if you find the deals...RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH is the key. i put in tons of hours figuring out how i was going to do it, and what i was going to use. i was lookin for a dana 44 at the time i found my dana 30. i paid $50 for the axle, and saved tons of money installing...
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    FullFootNotch's SAS on 38s

    truck looks good man. I myself would go the route of the M.O.R.E Hi Steer Setup. I purchased it and am loving it. You should purchase the one that trckmagick has. My truck sits similar to yours. I'm need to bump up to probably a 3-4" waggy spring.
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    hiridin's dana 30 sas

    That's a nice and clean job! Is your truck pretty much level with the leaf springs, add a leaf and front coils? Mine sits a little nose down, but i'm thinkin i need the 4" waggy springs.
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    hiridin's dana 30 sas

    mine seemed to have gone smoothly. The only thing i did was put the brackets on backwards. Dummy i know. as of right now i'm installing the gears in class and getting ready to complete the 4wd portion of the axle. it will soon be 100%.