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    Help crank pulley on x motor

    Pulley Problem Problem Solved It seems that the "cone" supplied with most pullers have a larger diameter than the hole in the pulley it self. Once corrected by placing a bolt in the crankshaft hole itself can you get the pulley off. Note to all an extreme thanks to my step-son Chris who worked...
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    Help crank pulley on x motor

    I am using a pulley puller that I picked up from advance auto. it is the "y" type with three slots on top and one on the bottom. We screwed the two bolts into the pulley and started cranking down the main bolt but it's like it is frozen, the truck is a 2000 xls with 67K on it the "death rattle...
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    Help crank pulley on x motor

    Please Help we are trying to replace the timing chain and are trying to remove the crank pulley, yes we took the center bolt out. but it will not move!!! Desperate for ideas please call me at 815-904-9429. Thanks Bob
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    Driver's Window unglued from holder

    Weatherstrip adhesive or silicone works also the trick is to let it cure. In the cold weather it is best to try and find a heated garage and let it set for a day.
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    Trouble Programming Key

    Wal-Mart Keys DO NOT CONTAIN THE CHIP REQUIRED . I found this out the hard way when I purchased my 2000 XLs
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    Wierd problem - with turn signal, AC Switch and Ligths Switch

    try cleaning and if necessary replacing the negative cable. It sounds as if the system is looking for ground. try attaching a wire to the body then attach it to the negative post on try it again
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    Transmission Servicing

    Hello Ladies and Gents, a couple of questions regarding a 2000 XLs I purchased the truck with 61k on it and while I have some records I don't see a trans service. I was wondering I have heard horror stories of people getting the trans flushed and knocking stuff off of the internals only to...
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    Replacing the hood release cable

    X-factor, no both ends were not finished they supply the ends you will need to complete the project. The hood latch is a simple crimp the handle inside is a barrel shape with a screw I suppose if you were so incline you could solder the end into the barrel like the factory. The Ford dealer here...
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    High Mileage SOHC's Explorers

    135k on my 97 5speed regret trading it but the 2000 is a great truck too with 63k
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    Replacing the hood release cable

    I purchased a replacement cable from the HELP section at the auto parts store. I disconnected the handle under the dash and the hood latch after marking the location with a sharp tool. I cut the old cable then threaded the wire part through the existing sleeve, it helps to put a little vasoline...
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    Cruise Control Switch

    Cruise Control Thanks for the heads up on that. The problem this time was a corroded wire at the servo. when the alarm was installed the person must have nicked the wire and moisture got in
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    Towing Questions

    Happy Holidays Fellow Explorer People. I just bought the better half a travel trailer for Christmas. It is also a great excuse to beef up my 2000 XLs the question arises that while adding a trans cooler what other suggestions are there. Such things I need to know are shocks, springs any other...
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    oil pressure probleme

    Just had this problem on my 2000 XLs replaced the sending unit and the problem went bye bye just make sure the parts house gives you the right one, Advanced Auto only showed one and it was wrong. Auto Zone had the correct one. Hope this helps Happy Holidays
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    Cargo Cover

    Thought that it was dealer item only. Just can't see paying what they want for it. Just paid 170.00 for the wifes 07 Equinox
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    Location of Cruise Control Light 2000 XLs

    Thanks, Now I know that since the indicator doesn't light up there are a few more steps to fixing this. I just wish it wasn't so freaking cold out or I could fit the explorer in the basement:)
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    Location of Cruise Control Light 2000 XLs

    Does anyone know where the light for the cruise is on the dash for a 2000 XLs. I am trying to troubleshoot the system and have pulled info from Ford but need to know if this even has an indicator on the dash when the cruise is on
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    Cargo Cover

    Does anyone know a after market supplier for the window shade type covers for thr rear cargo compartment on a 2000 explorer
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    Mild surge @ 30mph on an 00 Explorer.

    Welcome Gordon, The DPFE will throw a code. They are usually located on drivers side of valve cover. The OEM look to be an aluminum housing with two small vacuum hoses. Make sure you replace those also.
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    Hello, Im very new to this, but Im panicing something is wrong with my Explorer.

    The vehicle is fine the gas smell is from evaporating, and the check engine is from no gas cap all of the previous replies are correct replace cap clear codes good luck on new job and enjoy the explorer
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    Cruise Control Switch

    I see that everyone has had success when replacing the switches. But has anyone had this problem. OEM switch would not engage anymore replaced with OEM switches from ford and still nothing, I checked fuses and all seems fine I am confused as I am a tech but work on 50's to mid 90's in a resto...
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    -Your Explorer-

    1. 2000 Ford Explorer XLS 4.0 OHV auto 2wd 2. 11/3/2008 for 4300. 3. 61,000 4. 63.587 5. traded a 97 2dr 5 speed I love these trucks
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    I am the proud owner of a 2000 XLS and I love it, I had a 97 2dr with a five speed and thought that it was a great little truck but this one if fantastic. I bought it with 61,000 on the clock and it is well care for. I will be using the tech section for answers to questions Great site and very...
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    Stock Radio, Plays for a few sec/mins Then start skiping and Says CD ERR

    skipping CD's The culprit here is the lens of the unit and short of dismantling the radio and replacing the assembly it is much easier to replace the unit with an after market. If you must have a factory unit beware from buying them from a bone yard unless it's "fresh in" the junkers are...