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    Towing limits???

    I have a question. i have a 98 xlt awd v8 and want to tow a small mitsubishi galant. i have the towing package with 3.73 L/S rear. I want to get one of those two wheel dollies for the car. does anyone know if this is too much for the truck. it says the weight limit is 5000 weight bearing and...
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    Michelin vs Michelin vs Michelin

    What is the difference between the xc lt4, the ltx AT or m/s and the x radial LT. the later is at sams club, has anyone herd of them before.
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    Replacments for Wilderness at

    I need some help. I am replacing my wilderness at tires and need some ideas. i have looked at sears at their michelin xclt4, they are 104.99 each. Sam's club has a michelin x radial lt. I have not heard of these before. what are they? they also have BF Goodrich radial longtrail t/a in P235/7515...
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    warrior shackles

    Does anyone know of a website for these shackles. i want to get rid of the sag in my explorer. thanks. also a website for the add-a-leafs.
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    I need to find out what kind of intake i have. i have a 98 xlt v8. now from my mustang days i would say it is a cobra gt40 due to the staggered runners. the plain gt intake i had in my mustang had straight runners. can someone tell me if i am right. thanks also if i have the gt-40 intake, do i...
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    explorer v8 awd , how good?

    i just bought a 98 explorer v8awd. does anyone know how well these do offroad? also can anyone give me some ideas on mods for this truck. ie what wheels will fit on the stock suspension. and engine mods. thanks.spoon787