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    Well i am saying goodbye and thank you to everyone here for taking the time to post how to videos and threads.. also to the many members who have helped me along the way from replacing a wheel bearing to installing aux lights.. about a month ago my wife lost control on a wet road drove off the...
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    Trans fluid change

    thanks i think i will try that then.. i wish these stupid things had a better way to do this job instead of plug... idk who decided that they dont need a dip stick but it seems nuts to me
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    Trans fluid change

    I have a 2004 xlt with the 5r55S.. i got the ex with about 90,000 almost a year ago now it has 108,000 it seems to be driving fine no OD flashes seems like it shifts a little weird sometimes no slippage or anything. could be just my imagination knowing that these are known for transmission...
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    Yet another tire thread!!

    I believe mine has the same size but how much of a difference will the 75 instead of 65 make?
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    Yet another tire thread!!

    I have an 04 xlt with factory 17" wheels.. my father in law is planning on getting new tires for his truck and is willing to give me his old tires that are in a lot better shape than mine.. what im wondering is how 245/75R17 tires would look on my xlt and would the difference in diameter which...
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    Acceleration Whine & Coasting Rumble

    this could very well be your problem.. the auto 4x4 is ran off of the abs sensors even tho the tires are "the same size" they may not actually be the same due to tread height, circumference, and tread pattern. i was always told with any auto 4x4 vehicle as long as awd vehicle to have the same...
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    vibration while stopped

    that is weird.... never know that could have happened to the IAC could have had a piece of ice or something stuck in it.. all i know is this damn winter needs to go away... every time i wash her it snows again and that nasty black road crap covers her...
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    vibration while stopped

    well something must have been in the air saturday then...
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    vibration while stopped

    the issue seems to have gone away... x is driving great again. hopefully it doesnt return any time soon..
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    vibration while stopped

    i did not see surging rpms at the gauge nor did i get any check engine lights.. have not hooked up to a scanner yet but it might not be a bad idea to change the plugs and wires as i dont think they have been changed yet and its pushing 108,000 i purchased with 95,000 it sure cant hurt anyway. i...
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    vibration while stopped

    also i am almost pleased to hear it has to do with the idle and not the trans because i know how these transmissions can be and i would much rather troubleshoot the idle problem rather than a trans problem.
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    vibration while stopped

    it did not throw any codes and after leaving church this afternoon it seemed to go away also the idle did not seem to fluctuate on the dash.. at least not that i could see.
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    vibration while stopped

    I noticed the other day while driving around town with a lot of stops that the vehicle was vibrating when stopped at stop lights then no vibration while driving at speed even while on the highway with cruise on. the vibration is present only when in gear and stopped completely. the vibration...
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    abs noise maybe

    I have an 04 that does not have rsc but rather just the previous "auto 4x4" i have not noticed any noise when the 4x4 kicks in but i have noticed that its not a very smooth transition at all its rather violent which is why i choose to use 4x4 hi any time im on a snow covered road.. do you notice...
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    Gearing down a Tcase instead of Diffs

    would doing this help take the stress off the diffs and trans when putting bigger tires and lifting the truck? and would this help with gas milage?
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    HID Projector Retrofit - '02 Explorer Sport

    with a projector style light you dont really need the reflective properties of the housing that the old style bulbs needed.. i would have painted the housing black as well as taking apart the side markers and paint those housing black too.. it would make the led effects you added pop more and...
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    2004 Ford Explorer xls needs catalytic converters?

    When is the last time you had a tune up? i would say take care of the miss fire problem before you deal with the exhaust.. I also have an 04 xlt and i believe you do not have coil packs so i would start by replacing your plugs and wires and check all your cylinders for spark... clear codes dive...
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    i would check your fuses.. if they are all good could be your relay... if thats not bad you prob have a wire problem.. but it sounds like a fuse or a relay problem to me.. could be wrong tho.. its at least a good place to start and eliminate some possible sources of the problem
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    New Tires coming!! :)

    i have been looking for tires since i bought my ex in april... i bought it used with a set of brand new tires on it... i was happy to have new tires... after a few months i was really disappointed.. they are those exact tires.. i might have a bad set but they seem to be very soft and wear...
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    Transmission Cooler?

    I would say even if you tow at all ever or live in a hot area or want to hold on to that tranny for a little longer.. the third gens dont have the greatest transmissions to begin with anything to keep them from overheating at all will help.. it doesnt take much to install an aftermarket trans...
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    Do 03s have hall sensors?

    This is not correct.. I have an 04 and what was said is 100% accurate.. was actually just testing it out today as this is my first winter with my ex and this weekend was our first snow that has stuck.. when in "auto 4x4" as soon as the rear wheels began to spin the truck automatically applied...
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    auto 4x4 clunk

    and just to be clear "wot" means without traction right?
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    auto 4x4 clunk

    yes.. i was thinking about it and thought maybe it was a bad cv joint.. maybe one or both of my cv joints are bad and have play in them... but its no where near buttery thats for sure.. it definitely grabs when it kicks in tho..
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    auto 4x4 clunk

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    auto 4x4 clunk

    today i was on some loose gravel and i hit the gas a little harder than i wanted... the 4x4 kicked in and i felt and heard a loud clunk in the front end.. im hoping this was just the front wheels grabbing but i have noticed it before... anyone else have this happen.. im trying to get it figured...