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    clunking sound when shifting from neutral.

    Hi guys out there so I have a 92 ford explorer that makes a clunking sound when I shift it from neutral to drive and all other gears what could be the problem.
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    broken rpm gauge and busted fuel gauge

    I have a 93 ford explorer 4.0 v6 and it has a broken RPM gauge I was wondering if i can swap out the busted RPM gauge or do I have to replace the whole gauge cluster. Also the fuel float is busted to. need some help.
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    Check engine comes on once in a while

    I just bought a 1993 Ford explorer 4.0 v6 and the check engine light pops up every now and then and I dont no what is causing it . Im not leaking oil , not over heating, don't hear any odd sounds, Im wondering if its the oxygen senor feel free for anyone to leave a comment.