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    Photos 3rd gen pic's

    theyre right, 4.0 was hydro locked. I can find 302s a dime a dozen. Of course before i seel it im gonna have to test it lol
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    Photos 3rd gen pic's

    Been awhile since ive visited EF, just an update: Im still waiting to get home so i can swap a 302 in her, then she will be FOR SALE, anybody who lives around SC get ahold of me in a few months when its done:
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    How to: 1.5" body lift for less than $50

    i didnt have running boards/ side steps on mine, but i did have these plastic "frame hiders" that came on stockers w/ no side steps they hide like 3/4 of the frame. cant find a good pic of them but they mount along the rocker panel
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    Add new rims and Subwoofers to my 2002 Explorer

    you can always do a search and find most your answers.. but if you have the stock sub, i have seen people put an aftermarket woofer in its place. Also another cool thing is to build a shallow box and put the sub/s and amp in the rear storage so its hidden and you keep all your cargo room. If...
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    Im still stickin around, 43 i hydrolocked it and bent a connecting rod,
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    Better off with stock sized tires?

    bigger tires will mess with alot... suspension, trans, etc sounds like your better off staying w a smaller tire, you can fit 265s w no lift and wont have too much negative affect. as soon as I went to 285s power steering started acting up and I def. needed to regear
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    Since the explorer is out of commission, Im buying an 01 dodge 2500 w/ the cummins... Yall have helped me out ALOT in the past so I want to say THANKS! Its been real, and it's been fun... Just aint been real fun!! JK Thanks guys! BTW: If anybody in the southeast is interested in buying...
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    Knocking from passenger valve cover!!

    i have a bent connecting rod (or so i think) cheapest bet is to swap the motor
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    Really f'd up today...

    oh yeah the XJ is gonna be bought back home when im there for good. lol
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    Really f'd up today...

    I like the x and all but its just not capable enough for anything other than street and LIGHT offroad. Plan is to get the new truck, keep the x until i get home, fix and sell and then get a bad ass xj for CHEAAAAAP. Only reason im doing it this way is bc im so close to being out of the army i...
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    Really f'd up today...

    Havent checked it, its been at the dealership and yeah it is time for upgrade... A 2006 5.9L cummins
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    Really f'd up today...

    Just wanna hear yalls thoughts on what my dumb ass destroyed today... I was splashing in around in some puddles when the engine shut off, me being in a hurry and forgetting basic knowledge tried to start it, wouldnt start. Popped the hood the - battery cable was loose and smoking a little when...
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    supercharger is installed!!!

    the thread was started in 08..... doubt hes still around
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    What else do you 3rd Gen owners want?

    sliders, bumpers, skid plate set, oh and a SAS kit pppplllllleeeeeaaaasssseeee
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    Tire rub WTF!!!

    Yeah i went ahead and trimmed the fenders a little bit... no rubbing on the street anymore but im sure theyll still catch on something offroad.... not a big deal, not cutting into the tires or anything so Ill live. Probably gonna see the X soon for a diesel and have an old XJ for playin
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    seems a little late to be caring all of a sudden.....
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    Rear air bags (suspension)

    i dont believe theyd work, 140k is alot on original struts, id change em out with a set of kyb, monroe, struttex, or rancho quicklifts if you want a little bit of lift
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    Tire rub WTF!!!

    Ever since i got my 285s im rubbing the "back sides" of the front fender wells and when im off road having it flexed out it rubs the back and the front and catcheson the rear a little too.... Details in sig. This isnt a question just kind of a warning if your completly against trimming
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    looking for a used body lift

    If you spend a little bit of time searching im sure you can find one online for around $100 new maybe a little more....
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    2002-2005 FAQ regarding lifts, tires, etc

    it will prob rub a little at full lock, ive got 3"BL 2.5" spacers and 285-75s and catch just a little bit of the inner fender plastic (pulling in a parking spot, etc.) and when its "flexing" the tires are too big for the wheel wells but it doesnt bother me too much. BTW your gonna need a 16"+...
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    Photos 3rd gen pic's

    auburn has 315 which are 35s
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    Photos 3rd gen pic's

    I havent had em in the rain yet cause im stuck in the desert... but what little rain weve had here they seem to be ok