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    2020 ST or 2019 Sport?

    Great point. I love that the 2020 will be RWD-based, but every new redesign has a rocky first year, with lots of kinks to get worked out. I'd stay current gen or wait until 2021+.
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    Snow mode - force 4WD?

    OP here, back after tracking down the thread he though he had subscribed to. Thanks to all the helpful comments in this thread about tires, and confirmation from other folks that old-school 4x4 worked alot better. I did switch to Blizzaks for winter driving and will be getting a second set of...
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    Snow mode - force 4WD?

    Bought my 2016 XLT earlier this month and winter officially swung into gear in Wisconsin with over a foot of snow and sustained subzero temperatures. My old Cherokee 4x4 didn't bat an eyelash at these conditions and cruised through the worst at any speed. Now driving the 2016 XLT with TMS on...
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    Milwaukee, WI - 2016 Explorer XLT

    Just bought an XLT from Braeger Ford on S 27th. Long time Jeep Cherokee XJ enthusiast, but can't find them with low enough miles anymore, so moving forward a couple decades into a used 2016 XLT. 2nd row captains chairs for a bit more wiggle room in and out of 2nd/3rd rows. The XLT will be my...