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    98 explorer rim question

    so i have a 98 ford explorer sport and i believe that my rim size is 16x7... well i want to buy new rims and would like to know if a 18x9 rim would fit?? this link is the rims i am looking at ...
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    trying to make rims fit

    yea that makes sense... they r both 114.3 is that the spacing you were speaking of? it just seems that the center hole is the the only restriction... thanks for any help guys i know you all are more knowledgable than myself
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    trying to make rims fit

    so i bought a set of 5 spoke black rims and the spacing to fit my 98 ex sport is correct, 114.3... however when i went to put them on they fit on my lugs, however the center hole of the rim could not fit over my center hub(center of axle, center circle that comes out in middle of all 5 lugs)...
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    hope this isnt expensive... help please

    ok so i have a 98 explorer sport, and took my fender flares and running boards off. Now the damn holes are all over the sides of my ex. i was wondering how much would it cost to have some1 fill those holes in... my other question is how much is it to get someone to shave off my rear wiper...
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    help! back bench seat to 2 captains seats

    i am having trouble finding anyone/instructions on how to convert a back bench seat to just 2 regualr seats, like the front seats... i know i have seen it on here before but i cant find it now... any info will help... thx
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    diff btwn body and suspen. lift?... pros/cons

    i want to lift my ex. i want a classy lift... not looking for offroad jus want it to look badass, it woudl help if you guys could lead me in the right direction... all road driving, i jus wana know if a body life or suspention lift is safer, what size tires/brand, and some nice/cheap rims...
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    2 quick questions... seats... dvd player

    hi i was wondering if anyone has been able to put in an in dash dvd player like this... ... if so how do i do it?.... also... has anyone put in 2 single front row seats in the back instead oif that bench seat... where and how would...
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    saleen bumper

    does anyone know if a Saleen rear bumper for a 99-04 mustang. would fit on a 98 ford explorer sport... i kno this is a crfazy question but i like the style and if it did fit i could get one for 100... Measures almost 70inchs long x almost 30inchs high x 16 inchs wide.
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    tinted tails... final answer

    after many days of reading post after post on how to tint tails and what to use i have only come to the conclusion that there are too many posts on it... therefore i have come up with the idea of making a thread to end all of these threads on it... i need to know the the best tint spray out...
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    carriage bilet grill

    i have a 98 ex sport and jus wanted to kno all of the steps to put on the carriage billet grille or any billet grille for that matter the instructions they gave me r for s#!%.... it didnt come pre cut and i rele have no idea what to do what tools to use or where to go to have someone do it for...
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    aem brute force, 98 explorer sport

    its not like the aem tubing was any like larger thickness wise the tubing was too long length wise... and the manual said it was for a ford ranger which i thought it would still fit for my 98 explorer but it obviously didnt... so hopefully all they ned to do is send shorter tubes and i dont have...
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    aem brute force, 98 explorer sport

    ju bout an aem brute force intake for my 98 explorer sport and the tubing doesent fit ... i put on the filter and jus used my stock ruber/plastic tubing... am i losing the power by using the stock tubing and not using the new aem tubing... i have a call in to get the right size tubes sent
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    carriage billet grille

    i jus recieved a black carriage billet grille for my 98 X sport, and i was wondering do i have to cut the new grille insert to fit... or does it just slip right in after i cut out my grille panel... please help