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    Jack points

    Ok I searched the forum. I found one post that talks about where to jack up the explorer, using a floor jack. It seems from that post the recommendation is the pinch weld on each side (under the doors), the sub-frame in the front, and the diff in the rear. Are these the only points that are safe...
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    Cleaning nav / entertainment screen

    I have used a damp (water) cloth to wipe it off. I wouldn't recommend using an ammonia based product or a alcohol wipe. Thinking about it, any eye glass cleaner should be safe to use. Those are usually formulated to clean your glasses but not strip off any of the coatings.
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    Shift to Park Warning

    Let me start by apologizing for being lazy by not reading the previous 10 pages of this post. Now to make my apology worth while. Judging by blwnsmoke's post yesterday morning the whole shifter assembly needs to be replaced to fix this problem. Has anyone attempted this install themselves? I...
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    Question regarding Towing

    and on that note, is the wiring already in place to run a brake controller (assuming you have the tow package)?
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    couple of TSB questions

    thanks for the info.
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    couple of TSB questions

    I have a 2011 explorer limited. I have multiple TSBs that apply to the vehicle but due to the mileage (60k) I do not have any warranty that would cover the work. Well, I have an extended warranty the dealer sold/gave me, but the parts listed in the TSB are not listed in my warranty. That being...
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    Heated and cooled leather seats ?

    I like my heated seats and my girlfriend loves them. They heat up really nice. I do think they take a while to warm up from cold though. I typically don't use them at full blast since that is to hot for me. I usually use the medium or low setting. As for the AC seats, well it will get you cold...
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    Who's MFT resets the ambient lighting by itself?

    Has anybody found a non dealer fix for this problem? I went to my dealer today to try to get it fixed (with TSB in hand), but was turned away unless they could reproduce it and record what was happening.