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    1997 V8 Cold Start Rumble

    Morning everyone, apologies if this a double post - I tried to post yesterday, but I am not seeing it anywhere. My 1997 V8 Mountaineer makes a low rumbling noise for a couple seconds after a cold start. The colder it is, the longer it lasts. I've started it with the serpentine belt removed...
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    Fuel aroma & evap codes (or lack thereof)

    Good morning everyone. I occasionally catch a whiff of what I think may be fuel aroma around the back of my 1997 Mountaineer (5.0). The truck is rusty, so I suspect the evap line, filler neck, or maybe even the fuel tank could have some level of perforation. Or it could just be spilled fuel...
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    Replacement Fuel Tank

    Thanks for your timely and detailed replies!!!!
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    Replacement Fuel Tank

    Curious if anyone has experience to share with the quality / fit of replacement fuel tanks (1997 Mountaineer). The Google tells me they range in price from $150 to $350 with a couple of different manufacturers. I would hazard a guess that there is actually only 1 or 2 sets of tooling making...
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    Factory Radio Repair / Upgrade

    I did speak with them today and asked if they took cores, etc and the guy I spoke to was not super knowledgeable on the process which got me started thinking maybe these guys are marketing someone else's product. He basically said they do not take cores so I have no idea how they get their...
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    Factory Radio Repair / Upgrade

    I recently cam across these guys who sell factory radios with BT or AUX functionality added. Unfortunately they are out of stock of the units that would fit my 1997 Mountaineer and do not seem to know when they will get more. Does anyone know of an outfit which...
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    1999 XLS Powertrain

    Good morning everyone, apologies if this topic has been beaten to death a thousand times before, but I couldn't find any definitive answers in the stickies or my searches... I am considering buying a 1999 Explorer XLS 4 door - one owner, 92K miles, no rust. I am trying to gauge the relative...
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    Ranger wheels on 2nd gen

    Good info, thanks guys!
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    Ranger wheels on 2nd gen

    I feel like the Explorer wheels on a Ranger question has been beaten to death, but I can't seem to find any info for Ranger wheels on a 2nd gen Explorer (1997 Mountaineer, specifically). I am in need of a new spare and most everything I see at the Pick & Pull is as rusty and crusty as what I am...
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    Rear Glass Strut Clevis

    Any pro tips on finding a replacement bracket / clevis that the rear window struts attach to? Mine was completely missing when I got my 1997 Mountaineer, and I would like to be able to use the back glass again without having to hold it up with my head while I load & unload. Photos below. I've...
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    What are these sections of the center console for?

    I never in a million years would have guessed that was a tissue dispenser - I always assumed it was a hole for a handbrake used in some obscure export model. I am not on this site a whole lot, but this information definitely made it worthwhile today!!!
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    Water Pump Brand

    Thanks again for all of the words of wisdom. I am definitely one for overthinking things and I've read several of the threads on the water pump R&R. Honestly, I am not even sure it is the water pump, could be the thermostat housing or a hose - it is hard to see in there. I figure as I start...
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    Water Pump Brand

    Thanks for all of the quick replies guys, and the link to the Motorcraft pump on Amazon. While we are at it, was is the stock thermostate temperature for these vehicles?
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    Water Pump Brand

    My 1997 Mountaineer is telling me it would like a new water pump for it's 5.0. Does anyone have a recommended brand, or a brand to avoid? I would go Motorcraft, but I don't see them for sale anywhere. The closest I have seen to a 'good' brand name is an ACDelco on Rockauto. Advance sells a...
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    Solved Odometer stopped working

    Hi guys, I know there are about a million 'my odometer stopped working threads' out there, so I thought I would bring back one of the more recent ones instead of posting new. I've got the same problem as the OP, odometer sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Has been going on for a couple...
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    Interior durability

    Hi Guys, no real news to report here just wanted to comment on the durability of the interior materials on these 2nd gens after just wrapping up pulling some door panels off to repair window motors. I've had my share of interiors apart, and it is not unusual for some of the plastic bits to...
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    Seat cushion swap

    Hi everyone, resurrecting this thread to get an idea what the state of the art is for drivers seat cushion improvement these days. The cushion in my 1997 Mountaineer does not have much cushion left & the upholstery (leather? Pleather? Naugahyde?) is pretty shot. What I think I would like...
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    5.0 Starter

    Good info - thanks guys!
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    5.0 Starter

    Just wanted to confirm an issue with my 1997 Mountaineer 5.0. I have an intermittent no start condition where the relay on the fender liner will click, but nothing else. I cycle the key a couple of times and eventually it catches and starts normally. I believe this points to a bad solenoid on...
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    1997 Mountaineer No Start - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

    Ok, here I am reviving this thread from 9 months ago. I think the predictions / warnings many of you gave regarding parts store remans is holding true in my case. Not that I didn't believe you, more I was in a hurry and half expected the truck to rust in half before this starter gave out...
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    Reading misfires with FORSCAN

    I did change out all eight plugs, that #4 plug in the picture was by far the worst, but a couple were pretty ashy and a couple had very wide gaps. The truck runs night and day better now. Not only is the idle smoother but the power feels much peppier as well. Definitely time and money well...
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    Reading misfires with FORSCAN

    Well, I think I found part of the cause for my misfire on the #4 cylinder - have a look at the attached pictures of the spark plug I pulled out of there. I am surprised it fired at all!! I changed all 8 and many of them had that kind of fluffy looking grey build up - just not as much. Any...
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    Reading misfires with FORSCAN

    I am trying to hunt down the cause of a rough idle and surging under light load / low speed. I downloaded FORSCAN and recorded some data while driving today. My problem is that FORSCAN only has 6 channels for monitoring misfire counts (NM1 - NM6). Is there a way to monitor #7 and #8 that I am...
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    P0351 and spark plug wires

    Well, It is not very sophisticated, but I figured I would swap the coils to see if the trouble code followed, and it did - I went from a P0351 (Coil A) to a P0353 (Coil C). I think this is a pretty strong indication of a bad coil, but which pack contains coil C? Thanks, Andrew
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    P0351 and spark plug wires

    My 1997 Mountaineer has been giving me an occasional P0351 code. In my reading it looks like it could be a bad connection on the wire harness to the coil, a bad coil, or a PCM problem. To date I have tried unplugging and re plugging the PCM and the wiring harness to the coils. Is there...