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    blown transfer case

    Thanks a lot I was gonna grab a clean low mileage used transfer case from one of the 100 junk yards in or around philly just wanted to make sure that would take care of the problem for the most part. At until spring when I already have 2 mechanic buddies coming to spend a week with me and go...
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    blown transfer case

    Hey all its been a while. I'm gonna say sorry as I know transfer cases have been talked about a lot in this forum. I had the typical whirring sound when I let off the gas but after putting it off my transfer case went and I have no gears and the truck drifts in park before I get my butt under...
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    hey everyone

    Just wanted to say hi to all the members on this forum.Ive browsed for years and its saved my butt on a few occasions.Finally had a sec. To register and hope to be able to help someone or just learn some more tricks of trade.