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    High Mileage SOHC's Explorers

    97 xlt 4x4 149380 needs upper and lower ball joints,a/c not working,and working on i think a bad ujoint engine runs:thumbsup: perfectly no timing chain issues and no oil consumption.
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    Female torx size?

    Thanks guys for all the info i will probably not get on it till tomorrow after work kids got afternoon planned for fathers day by the way Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there! :thumbsup:
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    Female torx size?

    Thank You Sir,so a regular 12pt socket will fit i was under the impression they were female torx head, great i will get on it!:salute:
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    Female torx size?

    Does anyone know what size the female torx head bolts in the driveshaft flange of a 97 xploder are,dropping to check ujoints loooking for an annoying thud in the rear.:banghead:
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    Pop andjerk in driveline?

    That thought crossed my mind, the pop or more of a thud sounds as though it's coming from the rear will replace ujoint and hopefully that will be the fix, easy and cheap.
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    Pop andjerk in driveline?

    I have a 97 explorer xlt with 4.0 5r55 tranny and bw4405 transfer case at cruise and acceleration there is a pop and jerk in the driveline engine is running smooth so not a missfire any ideas what it could be everything seems to be solid ujoints,axles and driveshafts no fluid leaks just can't...
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    A/C cycles a lot

    Often times but not always this is a sign of low freon or r-134 in the system it may be a good idea to have the system pressure tested or simply buy a can of r-134 at a parts store and add a bit to the system just be cautious and not overfill the system the small gauge and charging hose can also...
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    Rear diff noise?

    My 97 has a 3.73 lsd started making noise the other day makes an intermittent pop and can feel a small jerk in the driveline sound like the clutch pack taking its final :roll:big crap, time for a rebuild and possibly a locker installed any takers on my thoughts?
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    1st and 2nd Gen Light Guide!

    What exact model did the bumper with the round fogs and chrome inserts come on i would like to find one my is like the mounty one with the square fogs.
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    Factory cd player info please!

    Does anyone know if a explorer fact. 6 disc changer will play RW cd's?:salute:
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    need a new battery

    I've had good luck with AZ battries usually use AZ gold 65DLG part number 1000cca,850ca 120min reserve!
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    ABS on after hub change!

    Thanks for the info Blee will check asap cold as he** down here may have to arrange for shop usage next week, i had a nice 20x40 an electrical fire took it out 5 years ago, fortunately can borrow facilities if needed!
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    ABS on after hub change!

    What should resistance be on front and rear?
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    ABS on after hub change!

    Joe,purchased hub assy. from platinum parts you may be aware of them they are a wholesale dist. to dealers and repair shops good solid unit with 1 year warrenty haven't done anything to sensors yet hoping i'll find the awnser.
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    ABS on after hub change!

    Yeah,still have old one may try changing sensors if all else fails!
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    ABS on after hub change!

    New assembly had new sensor,new clips, checked connection disconnected and reconnected to be sure had no issue with abs b4 changing hub i wonder if possible for new sensor to be bad i would hope not!:(
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    ABS on after hub change!

    Put on new hub assembly today,left front no problems until test drive abs light staying on drove about 20 min. still on, pulled batt. cable still on,checked connection good ,:(any ideas what it could be,possibly needs more drive time?
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    First spark plug change,WOW!!!

    Changed [lugs in my 97 today wernt a picnic, but wernt a root canal either i dont have any idea how long it takes for plugs to erode down but of the 6 i removed the least gauged at .068 and the most at .080 definitly runs better now put in motorcraft platinum thanks to all you explorer pioneers...
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    CEL Question?

    Yes you are correct my bad, brain fart, below was what i should have said, have 176k miles, no other codes,he is leaning toward o2 sensor problem,he has mitchell and alldata loaded on his computer they brought up possibility of cat problem, thanks for the info!:thumbsup:
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    CEL Question?

    Yes you are correct my bad, brain fart below was what i should have said!
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    CEL Question?

    First off Merry Christmas everyone,now to the problem couple days ago on my way home cel comes on go to my brother in law ,has a body/auto repair shop yea i am lucky does most my stuff for parts cost+lunch,scans my x a 97 4x,4.0 sohc comes back"right bank catalyst above threshold" after...
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    Finally!!! got new wheels - check it out ;-)

    I like it a lot,stripes look good too!:thumbsup:
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    Trans. Cooler

    PC cooler located at front of engine you can see it from underside,looks somewhat like tranny cooler only smaller,kinda worries me cause its very exposed.
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    Trans. Cooler

    My x has a factory trans cooler also ps cooler were these on most x's or special package bought used only owned a short while still exploring my explorer ,oh by the way it's a 97 xlt 4.0 ,5r trans 4x4!
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    LMC Truck

    Didnt realize that thanks ,sorry to be redundant.