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    CAUTION! AWD Front Drive Shaft Removal --Drifts in park.

    Very well said Rob that is very clear I understand now Sorry Sonic for it taking so long
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    CAUTION! AWD Front Drive Shaft Removal --Drifts in park.

    The way I see it is with the front shaft removed the rear tires get 100% of the power and the VC heats up a tiny bit to turn the empty front shaft with no damage to the VC. Now if you put smaller tires on the front and leave the front shaft on the VC is working hard trying to make the shafts...
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    CAUTION! AWD Front Drive Shaft Removal --Drifts in park.

    The part I don't get is you say the VC is only used when the axle speeds are different so how do the rear tires get 65% of the power if the VC is not used? No need for harsh post
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    CAUTION! AWD Front Drive Shaft Removal --Drifts in park.

    were did the 65% go??????????? you said the front shaft would spin the truck would not move without the VC My truck is AWD not FWD jack up a RWD and see wich wheel turn will not help with an AWD
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    CAUTION! AWD Front Drive Shaft Removal --Drifts in park.

    So the front is chain driven and only gets 35% of the power the back is hooked up via the VC and gets 65% but the VC only gets used when heated up? So either the VC likes to be heated or you are not the sure how the 4404 AWD works.
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    CAUTION! AWD Front Drive Shaft Removal --Drifts in park.

    Well I take the front shaft out of my 97 AWD 5.0 and when I put it back it has never sezied. You need to use the EB and chock blocks on a hill or it will creep forward. If the front tires pull the truck and the rear only get used when there is a diffrence in speed then I could see the VC...
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    CAUTION! AWD Front Drive Shaft Removal --Drifts in park.

    The heat it will take to turn the front shaft with no driveshaft would be so small there could not be damage. Now put a smaller size tire on the front with the shaft installed and the VC will heat trying to force the front to spin the same speed as the back.
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    Outer Tie Rod End - Aftermarket Failures!

    I have duralast outer tie rods and they were worse than the ones I took of at 125k and they had less than 3k the new ones have 1k and I hope they last more than the first set the design changed since the last time maybe they upgraded them since the first time I got them. I also put duralast...
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    CAUTION! AWD Front Drive Shaft Removal --Drifts in park.

    when mine went it was the slines that were stripped so I had to replace the drive shaft not just the cv.
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    Size of the oil filter?

    Put an oil filter on a pt cruiser or 2004 hyundai santa fe and you will wish you had that nut there. There is in no room for your hand and bearly any for a tool to go up there.
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    Size of the oil filter?

    If you type oil filter on youtube there is a ton of video's on them. Somewere i read that acdelco had a good one and cheapend it up like the fram so beaware just because a filter was good a few years ago it may change.
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    Size of the oil filter?

    If you can cut them open and take a look I use Pur 1 when they are on sale and motorcraft when they are not.
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    1997 4.0 SOHC Please help!

    match it to the upper then look at what way it would be on the truck
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    Driveshaft removal.

    I had to heat mine up with a torch
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    Windshield washer pump fluid???

    the rear has its own tank
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    98 5.0 mountaineer coolent leak

    could be a hose clamp rusted and broke off.
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    Lack of power when driving.

    Mine had no power at wide open throtle then took off when you backed off and it was the fuel pump.
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    Loud Rubbing noise in Front left

    I have had these for 2 years and they work great. They are so called Junk ebay ones They were $65 shiped a pair when I got them...
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    Driving then front wheels suddenly locked

    sounds like the brake brackets came loose when it happens you can back up but not pull forward someone on here had to drive backwards home but it was only a short distence.
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    P0171 P0174 yet again - please help!

    Glad to hear everyone seems to think intake gaskets all the time. Now we can begin to help people with fuel pump lean banks more seems you get the big drop in gas milage.
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    Beggars can't be choosers

    great deal that is one old laptop
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    P0171 P0174 yet again - please help!

    I bent the rail up and I could sneak the pump bye with no problems just be careful not to bend anything taking it out of the tank.
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    99 5.0 into a 97 5.0

    Glad to hear :)
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    P0171 P0174 yet again - please help!

    I used the cut the hole in the floor method and it worked great and my gas tank was spotless probably from the 10+ bottles of injector cleaner trying to get rid the lean codes. My truck rattles on cold mornings for about 10-15 sec then is 100% quiet. I used sheed metal with foam weather...