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    For Sale 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 - 9500

    Your Explorer was awesome! May I ask you what shock absorbers you would recommend for a lowered 2002-2005 and were the Adrenlin 20's a straight bolt on or were adapters needed? I apologize for being a "late bloomer" on third generation Explorers.
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    Please Drop Keys

    Airbagit Keys I must be over thinking this. If I purchase the Airbagit keys do I still need to do the TT and once they are installed is the ride height adjustable?
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    16" Stock Explorer Wheels

    Will the stock 16x7 teardrop style wheels from the later model Explorer fit on a 1995? I know the bolt pattern and the rim width are the same, but there's always concern over incorrect offset.
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    Please Drop Keys

    Thanks Dana88 I appreciate your reply and your Explorer looks great! The front end work tells alot about how a tuner does his work, awesome. I didn't know a 4mm adapter is required when running Cobra R Wheels, good to know - what do you recommend? Thanks again.
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    1996-1998 Explorer Limited Wheels

    Will the factory Explorer Limited Wheels from the years 1996 to 1998 fit right on my 1995 XLT? And would I use the same lug nuts? Thanks
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    X-Spec Suspension Owners

    Really wanted them for the camber, caster and toe in specs so when I take it to get aligned I have something on paper
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    Please Drop Keys

    Are these drop keys beneficial if the drop is less than two inches, like the 1-3/8" X-Spec Suspension recommends?
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    X-Spec Suspension Owners

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I was wondering if anyone who has purchased the X-Spec Suspension would provide me with a copy of the actual install instructions? I would fairly compensate anyone who would, thanks.
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    Thank you for a great web site!