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    Ordered 2022 Ford Explorer Limited

    Our order went in on 5/5. Dealer confirmed on 5/16. Original build date 6/29, was moved back twice...actually built the week of 7/18. Scheduled to arrive at dealer between 8/9 and 8/15 - arrived on 8/10. A pretty base Limited all things considered...only options were sunroof, wheel upgrade and...
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    Handsfree Liftgate delete

    Ours was ordered 5/16, built week of 7/18, and hit the dealer on 8/9. It too had the $265 price increase and it too was missing the hands free tailgate.
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    Wiper Blade Skipping

    Wipe your blades with a rag soaked with isopropyl alcohol and that should stop the chatter.