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    2020 Extended Service Plans Pricing @ Dealer Cost

    I'm interested. Please send me his info. Thanks.
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    Traded in the XSport

    Hey man! Explorer too huh? lol If I end up with many issues on this one, I'll return it in 36 months and move on to a different brand. Vehicle updated.
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    Traded in the XSport

    I had 5 months and 400 miles left on my 2015 Explorer Sport lease, so I traded it in for a 2017 Ford Fusion Sport. I was planning to buy out my XSport, but I had too many issues with it and was worried about things coming back to bite me, since the bumper to bumper was almost up (axle seal at...
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    Explorer Sport 0-60 results

    Here's a couple results I got using Dynolicious app while just checking my 0-60 times. Was trying not to break the tires loose off the line for the runs, but spun a bit on the second try. I tried to get video of a separate run, but it was hard to hold for video and keep the steering straight.
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    Ford explorer sport burnout

    Add a 93 octane performance tune/ turn off traction control/ at a stop with plenty of room around, cut the wheel all the way to the right/ floor it/ after it breaks loose go a few feet and cut it back to the left to straighten out. Disclaimer... This was performed by a trained professional on a...
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    Odd engine power RPM surge problem

    Parts guy at Advanced Auto. Said he used to work at a Ford Dealer and seen warranties denied for ecoboost turbo issues (excessive heat damage) with full synthetic oil used. Not sure if it's BS, but I chose to stick to the factory recommended oil just in case.
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    Odd engine power RPM surge problem

    No problem. The new plugs made a difference at 22,000. I'd suggest changing the plugs and gapping to .030" with a quality gauge. Not one that adjustments are made by prying against the electrode.
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    Odd engine power RPM surge problem

    I gapped my plugs and tuned at 2500 miles. Then changed my plugs again at 22,000 miles due to it not feeling right. Also, switched to stock then back to tune, then disconnected the battery for about 10 minutes. Seemed to be good after that. Also, I was running full synthetic motor oil, but...
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    Odd engine power RPM surge problem

    What Version Tune are you running? How many miles are on your plugs?
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    Livernois tune experience

    What is the latest Tune Version?
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    Sport EcoBoost 3.5L Tuning

    What is the latest 93 Perf tune version for the XSport? Mine is a 2015 with V5. Just wondering if there's a newer version to try out?
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    What Motoring in the Motor City Looks like

    I need to take my Vette out more... Very Cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    For Livernois and others. questions about engines blowing

    I have been enjoying the Livernois 93 Performance 3 Bar tune for over 22,000 miles now. Still a blast to drive and running strong.
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    livernois with 3bar map and t-stat

    Just do the upgrades. You won't be disappointed. Much better than stock, with 91 or 93 octane performance tune. If you have miles on the plugs, replace them, gaps set to .030".
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    PTU Fluid Replacement

    Good deal! I took mine to the dealer, and when I told them how to do it because they couldn't figure it out, the price quote went from $85 to $300+. I told them forget it. I have the oil and will do it myself when I have time. At about 24,000 miles now.
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    New Update!!!!

    V5 seemed to work good for me. I switched back to V4 for some testing, but still have some hesitation issues when I kick down the trans full throttle at about 70 mph. Issue seems more in the trans/ shifting than engine. Felt like it briefly went into neutral once on me. I plan on...
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    Livernois ERROR Code 77

    I would take your PC and make sure the PC tuning software is updated. Then connect your tuner to the PC and check it for updates. Also, you can get the tuner status and check to see which tunes are loaded onto the tuner (if you do not see the tune that you want, contact LMS for it). Then...
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    New Update!!!!

    Not sure about your mileage. I just replaced my plugs and keep the air filter clean. I keep the tire pressures at 35 psi. all around. Also, my driving is not all easy and do get on it hard at times. No negitive affects, just can hear them real well. They do let some oil residue out which is...
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    2016 Platinum trim painting

    Here's one.
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    New Update!!!!

    Driving very aggressive 16-17 mpg, some aggressive 18 mpg, driving easy 19-20 mpg. I don't drive much long interstate cruising, but bet I'd be in low to mid 20's. That's a mix of back roads, highway, and interstate I drive to and from work.
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    2014 Explorer Sport Livernois Tune Question

    Ha ha.. Okay, that's what I thought. You never know what tweaks you guys might come up with, so best to ask since it was mentioned, then miss out. :D
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    2014 Explorer Sport Livernois Tune Question

    Is the latest tune now Version 6? If so, how does it compare to v4 & v5?
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    New Update!!!!

    Mine actually would hesitate before kicking down the trans. 93 v3 or v5 test good with mine. Now that warmer weather is here I'm trying v4 again to see if it's better without winter blend gas.