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    Really pissed now.

    If I was a toughguy I would have pushed the truck home. Back in my day, fords were all we had. We pushed our cars everywhere! :D The cold weather sure likes to suck the life out of a weak battery.
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    Need help with mounting motor to tranny

    Yes koda is correct, you will put the tc on the trans shaft and spin the tc until it slides i on the shaft, then keep turning it some more until it drops in further. On my ford truck I had to spin the tc 3 times to get it fully installed. But keep spinning it until you can put a straight...
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    4.0 sohc no start

    Mark this one as solved. I got the fuel pump and the fuel filter yesterday, the sock is coming from a different warehouse in Houston Texas, which is not far from Albuquerque. It was marked for a Monday delivery and here it is Wed and still not here. I was very doubtful but I looked at the...
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    4.0 sohc no start

    Well I got the fuel pump out, very surprised to see it was original. Had a manu date of 06/11/98 on the housing and also the pump. The truck has 199591 miles on it, a birthday of 200k is just around the corner. Thanks for the input ranger7ltr, I also ordered the fuel filter for it. I thought...
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    That Escalated Quickly!

    I am actually looking for a new place where I have room to start stock piling 2nd gens for parts. :D
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    4.0 sohc no start

    ok I have the access door cut, tomorrow will pull the pump out. I have been looking on rock auto for the new pump, now it seems they sell just the pump itself for $20 up to $100, then you can buy the whole assembly for $60 and up. Can I just buy the $20 piece is what am wondering, think I...
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    4.0 sohc no start

    Actually it works pretty good. Looking at the photo above, I think it is a bit of a safety hazard for rear passengers, it does need a roll bar added to correct the strength removed. Just saying, try at your own risk! So far, the heat and ac work really well. Everyone is covered and dry...
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    4.0 sohc no start

    And just to add, I know it is really easy to say ... "do a search" Yes I know the info is here, this site has been around for years and every issue has been covered 100 times. To google the problem may actually be faster then trying to sift through all the info here. I made a post about...
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    4.0 sohc no start

    well I am in a old farts rv park, we are not allowed to work on our vehicles. Same time if I find the location to cut out, and I was just messing around in the back of my truck, would be better then dropping the tank and sloshing gas around and pissing off the owners for working on my truck in...
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    4.0 sohc no start

    How about cutting a access hole through the floor? Would be awesome if I could do that and be able to get to the pump without dropping the tank. Of course the wife just filled it while out doing her running around. And I already cut the top off on it. Would not hurt the value of the truck any...
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    Ford Explorer 98

    I would ask if a forum moderator could move your post to here. Or you could repost your question there, but I would also search that particular forum for your answer. Sorry I am no help to your actual question.
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    4.0 sohc no start

    I will check the ineria switch thanks. I just sprayed ether into the maf and it start and run for a few seconds. inertia switch is not tripped . swapped the fuel pump relay with the pcm and makes no difference so the relay is good. following this link here...
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    4.0 sohc no start

    Be gentle with me, am looking for a good thread to follow. I am 50+ years old and never owned a computer controlled car before.Time to learn. It has had a rough idle when first started, but when warm it runs great. Couple weeks ago it triggered the cel, and it has the p0171 & p0174 codes...
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    Rear End Swap in '00 Explorer

    In a hypothetical situation, lets pretend :D Lets say you have a parts explorer parked around back, your rear end goes bad and your parts truck has different gears. You could just swap the rear ends, and then remove your front drive line. Have your truck back on the road in a couple...
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    Trying not to be angry dealing with Ford Customer Service...

    Still does not explain what caused the failure. You could stick Lamar and a whole house full of gaa gaa girls in the rear, will not cause the shocks to catch fire and melt. If I was Ford, I would be really interested in this case and what conditions caused this failure, can they be repeated...
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    Rear End Swap in '00 Explorer

    it wont work, you need matching gear ratio front and rear with 4x4 / awd One gear would literally shred the other gear, if they do not match. And the 4.10 is a nice ratio, would drive like a dog with the 3.73, keep looking for the right gear ratio.
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    DIY Procedure to Break Loose A Tire Bead

    I agree with above, put the base of the jack right at the bead of the tire and jack up a heavy car or truck. Might only get a little movement of the bead, then let the weight off and rotate 6" to a new spot and jack it up and repeat. A little soap and water may help it slide and break loose...
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    How much damage could occur?

    Thanks koda, I have read a few of your threads and know how thorough you are.I certainly trust your opinion, :salute: And keep up the good work :D
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    How much damage could occur?

    So the 98 sport sohc has had a real erratic idle on a cold start in the mornings. Now it is getting colder it has got worse. Did not have a check engine light before, now for the last week it is throwing the infamous p0171 - p0174 codes. I suspect the intake gaskets, but it also runs great...
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    HELP Electrical nightmare right now only car need help.

    first off check for a blown fuse, will need to probe all of them. :mad: On my 98 sport, messing with the rear harness, I blew the fuse for the dome light, this also affected the windows and my 4x4 light was flashing on the dash gages. Top of my head I want to say it was fuse #24 in the...
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    Very harsh ride due to weight reduction. Plz help

    What air pressure are you running in your tires and what ply rating are they? The psi rating on the side of the tire is the max they will hold, not what you should have in them.. On the other hand,, depending on your weight it is what you need. Is also a suggested air pressure rating on the...
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    Tripped PATS 2000 Explorer

    just saying, I heard it was over 48 hours for the chip in play to lose its memory. But is no idea if that would help you and your problem. And no clue if what I read was accurate, but I did read it on the internet so should be true. ;)
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    Tripped PATS 2000 Explorer

    I still dont understand the pats system, all the info is here in this forum, but is hard to sift through all the good and the bad. I do remember something about disconnecting the battery and let it sit for over 24 hours to discharge and reset ... I dunno if it is true, but you could try. I read...
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    WTB: Rust Free 97-99 Eddie Bauer 5.0 V8 I think the price is a little high, who knows *shrug*
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    No start, no power, not sure

    yay! glad it was a simple fix. I have found that once the cables get all the green gunky corrosion on the ends, it is already inside the cable. So you clean the ends and in a few weeks or months, it comes back and you have the same problem again. It would probably be best to replace the...