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    Wanted road bully or the other guys suspension lift.

    I have exactly what you are asking for with the spacers. I just pulled mine off today. 2.5" front and 2" rear spacers if you are still in need of them.
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    Quick Struts, Sway Bar end Links, Front Ball Joints, Brakes

    I just did my front ball joints and hubs. On the lower ball joints if you heat he end of the control arm with a torch the bearing will hammer out with one whack of a 3# hammer
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    Brush guard with lights

    found it
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    Brush guard with lights

    Check out hunter brush guards on E-bay. Mine was $180 + shipping, like half the cost of Westin and from what I can tell just as good of a product. Alabama doesn't bother me too much, they are scared of us right now and I would still rather have the NC in the conference than elsewhere
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    any 3rd gen blacked housing headlights?
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    Brush guard with lights

    they are 55 watts each. I wired them so I can run 100 watt bulbs later on. Problem is with the HID's I just out in I'm thinking I might be looking for H3 bulb HID kits for the 3 lights and my high beams. It would be like the starship enterprise:D
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    Brush guard with lights

    Daytime All lit up, HID's Hi beams and and light bar on brush guard
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    2002 HID install

    I used the kit from VVME and it went it without a hitch. Tremendous light output. I have the 6000k bulbs and 35 watt ballast
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    Rare Ex asking price

    Semper Fi and good luck. PI was no fun when I was here but looking back it was one of the best times in my life.
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    bushing replacement

    speaking of Mevotech, anybody know where to buy their parts?
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    315 75 16 Tires ???

    Factory wheels are 7" so those wont fit. I think you need 8" minimum for those tires
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    JBA Header help!

    I have the JBA headers on mine. I have never had it tested but it seems they provide a little more get up and go. It mostly just got louder and throatier. I also have a MAC intake and MAC exhaust. My EGR was on the passenger side, I have the 4.0
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    New brake problem

    I'm not sure. I'm taking back in the next week or so when I have some spare time. I only have a problem with the front passenger side, so I assume it just needs a shim or some little nit picky thing and not different pads since the driver side is fine
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    New brake problem

    So I had new brakes put on my front when I got my tires. I did new rotors and pads. They started squealing about a week ago but only when things have warmed up. I don't get it
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    Good on/off road tire

    General Grabber AT2
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    Roadbully Lift-Wash. DC area installer

    it's not bad to do yourself, but my local mechanic charged 86 bucks for the rear and I did the front myself in the driveway
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    want to lift my 06 xlt

    he spacers and a body lift if my memory serves me right. I have 2.5" front and 2" rears and have no problems with 265/75/16's
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    want to lift my 06 xlt

    check out road bully here on the forums. I have one of kits and it's great
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    Will 33's fit on stock rims and a body lift, without wheel spacers?

    Maybe, depends on rim width. With a 3 body lift I don't think it will be a problem
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    Got body lift done (pics)

    What size are the goodyears?
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    Installing RoadBully, factory nut stripped?

    $88 at the family mechanic to do the rear and and alignment, I couldn't pass that up
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    Installing RoadBully, factory nut stripped?

    I got to the top bolts through the engine bay with no problem.
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    Installing RoadBully, factory nut stripped?

    All is good, it was a P.I.T.A but I got the front driver side back together by myself with a jack, 2 ratchet straps, and a 8 pound scuba diving hammer. I've got the front passenger bolted in at the strut tower but it got too dark before I could put the lower strut bolt in and cinch the ball...