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    2005 Ford Explorer XLT

    On the bodywork end with that back hatch I would just find a non cracked replacement. It is repairable but I would either replace entirely or just leave it as is because the old one even after being repaired will probably just crack again. They all tend crack because it’s a stiff ridged plastic...
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    Any recommendations other than Rockauto for lower rear control arm bushings?

    I agree with stynx rock auto is just the supplier not the brand, they almost always have the cheapest prices and carry almost every motorcraft part you could buy for these cars so it’s pointless to look elsewhere honestly. Dealers will have the same parts for you just more expensive
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    Rear reflector

    Scrap what I said I apologize I believe your issue finding it comes from the fact that no left hand drive models have this reflector I don’t think I’ve ever seen a third gen with one over here in the US.
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    Rear reflector

    I would check rock auto I just got 4 new reflectors for every corner on my mountaineer
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    Will seats from Mountaineer and Aviator fit Explorer?

    Sorry I worded that funny the cooled seats may be a tricky swap that I have no idea about I meant the explorer/mountaineer features should all be plug and play
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    Will seats from Mountaineer and Aviator fit Explorer?

    I know for a fact by pulling parts from a junkyard mountaineer and explorer seats share the same guts, I’m not sure about the aviator as it had a cooled seat option I believe? But explorer-mountaineer swap is just plug and play really all the same if the seats carry the same option. Also this is...
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    Noisy Transmission, noisy when standing still in gear quieter out of gear.

    I’ve had the same thing for years sounded a little better after the transmission got rebuilt I just ignore it my exhaust overpowers it now anyways so it doesn’t bug me much. The cats on these cars also like to rattle a ton.
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    Wheel well trimming?

    Ah I getcha now sorry about that. In the rear where it’s folded the 2 sides are spot welded together so you should be able to trim some away, not sure how much before it’ll begin to split open I’d guess you’ll be able to take atleast 1/4-1/2 before dealing with any of that. That area also has a...
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    Wheel well trimming?

    Kind of hard to see what those pictures are of but these are solid frame vehicles so you should be able to trim to your hearts content and not really affect to much
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    Lowering options for a 4wd '03

    Looks good! Are the ball joints and everything around it stressed being 2.5 inches lower?
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    How to remove window belt moulding on 2002 Limited?

    I’ll get you the all data collison write up on it Monday when I’m back in shop sorry won’t be back sooner.
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    Door Ajar light staying on amongst other problems.

    I had this issue and fixed it by spraying the latches inside all the doors with wd40 worth a try taking everyone has a can lying around somewhere. The entire car went absolutely haywire when it thought the one door was opening and closing.
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    SCT X4 for 2002 Ford Explorer

    Jeez that’s a real bummer
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    SCT X4 for 2002 Ford Explorer

    Let us know how you like your tune when you get it working been looking around and unleashed seems to be only company left for third gens
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    Stock fuel injectors

    Alright thank you!
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    Stock fuel injectors

    Couldn’t find it on any old forums, but does anyone know the part number for motorcraft stock fuel injectors for the 4.6?
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    Y pipe exhaust without cats

    No company makes one for these. It also can’t be discussed on here further really because it’s a federal crime sorry.
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    traction control

    If there’s no button to turn it off you most likely don’t have it. The buttons located right near the two cup holders if you do on my model year atleast.
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    New Member, tracing coolant loss

    Just to add another spot to check if you have any of the aftermarket intake manifolds tucked behind cylinder 4 is a litte rubber coolant dinky cap. The stupid cap pops off and let’s all the coolant out when it comes loose. I just caught mine starting to slide off again yesterday lol but the...
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    Fishtailing/swaying when I let off the gas.

    1st I would go around check all your shocks and spring 2nd go in back jack it up spin the tires a tad and try to wiggle your listening for a grind from the bearing and or any side to side play in it 3rd get on under there with a pry bar with it’s on the ground and start trying to find any...
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    4.10 gears

    Haven’t heard of it I’ll give it a look thanks bro
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    Lowering options for a 4wd '03

    Let us know how it goes or if you ever get all 4 corners on it
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    4.10 gears

    Anyone recently have any 4.10 gears installed on an 02-05? There’s some old threads but not really sure what parts exist anymore if they do and Google comes up with nothing so figured I’d ask around here
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    Flood damage?

    Yeah lol I wish I didn’t but didn’t exactly see it until it was to late and figured better go through than back out and let it soak in. It was probably a little under bumper height so I’m just gonna change every fluid probably
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    Flood damage?

    Alright yikes thank you time to change some fluids I guess lol