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    "Explorer' Hood Letters

    Give me in your private email address and i will take pictures and show you how i did it. It's really very easy.
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    No Key Detected

    Need battery. I had same replaced battery and no more issues.
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    Sirius radio settings

    Find the stations Number enter it on the Direct station button and then hold on to the number you want it on and it will be programed onto the number
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    Calling all MY2021 MY2022 Explorer ST, Platinum, King Ranch and Aviators: rear subframe poll

    This is crazy how Ford likes to cut corners and rush these vehicles to the street. I have been with Ford since 1998, and I can't wait until my lease is over. Toyota here I come. Yes all car manufactures have their issues but, Ford has had a great share. When I first got my MY2020 ST It was...
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    Navigation not responding

    Today dealer installed all update correctly and all is working well. They also installed both cameras from and rear.
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    Navigation not responding

    No. I have a Nav it just gets frozen. They only updated Apim with new software.
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    Navigation not responding

    My Navigation started to show an icon the has GPS with / across it. and when a do a reboot it comes back I turn car off turn back on icon is back. Car at dealer they clam that they updated the Apim an what ever else they claim it needed and still. Blue screen has been fixed. Ford pass doesn't...
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    A Surprise Gift Card From Ford

    I took my Explorer a number of times for an issue with the driver seat. Every time a sat on it, it had a cracking noise. they replaced the cushion and the parts to no avail. If you look under the driver seat you will the a control box attached to a support bar, well that was making the noise...
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    A Surprise Gift Card From Ford

    Sorry for the type o's.
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    A Surprise Gift Card From Ford

    My Lease is up next year in November and I will not be leasing another Ford. I am moving on to Toyota. I have already turned in my wife 2018 Ford Escape and bought her a Toyota Camry
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    A Surprise Gift Card From Ford

    I got one too. I took my Explorer in for noise every time I sat in the driver seat. They never fixed it, but I did with a little WD40.
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    Missing Part - Rear Air Deflector

    I have notice that Ford has been screwing up and not installing the DEFLECTOR ...I have it on mine after asking for it and i will take it off when my lease is over incase i get another but i think that when my lease is over i will be going to Toyota .
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    Video of 2022 Explorer

    Unfortunately, there is no way to upgrade your SYNC® 3 infotainment system to SYNC® 4. You will, however, be able to find the next-generation infotainment system on upcoming Ford models. ... After the Mustang Mach-E, Ford will begin rolling out the SYNC® 4platform on most redesigned Ford...
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    Video of 2022 Explorer

    If i remember they always said that the new screen will have sync 4 which it will be on the F150 and other models. What i don't like is that they also said the the 2020 was to be upgradable to sync 4 and know it's not and the sync 3 has not had many upgrades.
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    Video of 2022 Explorer

    Most who has the older models of Explorer always criticize newer Explorers. I think the 2022 has a bigger vertical screen for what i can make out on the video. I know that the newer vision of sync will be out, but i don't think forum the sync 3 users won't be able to upgrade as they first said.
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    First real complaint

    Yes. I know about the Lexus seat my son-in-law has one and the seats are tight. My wife and i already have tested the Highlander and the seats are very very comfortable.
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    First real complaint

    You are correct. My driver seat SUCKS but i stopped complaining. I just can't wait for lease to end and TOYOTA here i COME
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    Curious. I am getting ready to return my wife's 2018 Ford Escape with only 15k miles. My wife barely drove the car. Well regarding the Ford Pass. When someone else buy the care the car and sets up its own account. Will i still be able to reset the count and take over the app? This has me...
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    Auto stop stopped stopping

    If the the car is still warming up or if the the off on feature won't work.
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    Base 21 talk me out of it.....(so we did)

    Go XLT. Just be a good negotiator and don't say anything about down payment trade ins etc.... Negotiate your price first, But XLT will be the right pic even if you don't want all those features it will be good for resale if you ever want to sell it or trade in in the future.
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    I have a 2020 Ford Explorer ST with 12500 miles and looking for who would like to take over the lease. Explorer is in mint condition Garage kept. I live in NJ.
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    clunky noises 2020 explorer

    You will also notice that when you get next to the car with the key you will also hear the modules waking up.
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    clunky noises 2020 explorer

    Computer shutting down that is normal. Different modules shutting down.
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    2020 XLT snow handling

    Yes. They do sound Nice. I don't know why Ford screwed that up, I just don't like the Body on the Durango. I think they could have done more.