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    How many miles on your 2ND GEN EX?

    1999 Ex xlt v8 30,050 miles! Body is in mint shape garaged cream puff.. Yeah Rediculous I know
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    High Flow Exhaust Overhaul

    bat cat converter = loss of horsepower new cat vs old = hp gain and noticeable difference. I have a 2002 impala the cats went i couldnt even get it up to 55 on the highway it was so bad. thats what u feel..durka durka jihad jihad
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    Transmission slipping on WOT

    My 99' xlt transmission is slipping under wot or above 3800 4000 rpms in 3rd and 4th gear. It will completely slip up to redline if i hold the gas.. should i take it to a tranny shop and see if its throwing any codes? my o/d light isnt blinking by the way.. :censored:
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    4.10 gears

    can i get away with 32" km2s on 3.73 axles? or will i risk damaging my transmission...
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    Black Cragar Soft 8's

    wheels tires what tires do you have wrapped around the crager 8's im thinking about doing a 3 inch body lift tt shackles and add a leaf.. these look great.
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    Front Drive Shaft installation issue

    it must be that the ball bearings are not in the same slots as they were initially, some do seem to be tighter in the carrier than others. I'm gonna take it back apart and try to get the right orientation in the carrier and see if that helps any. This is such a pain in the A$$
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    Front Drive Shaft installation issue

    Well my problem is that there doesn't seem to be much travel in the driveshaft, also it will not articulate left up right down more than 1/4''.. So when i try to rotate the driveshaft when installing the universal joint the shaft cannot rotate smoothly the front side of the shaft will go up...
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    Front Drive Shaft installation issue

    It came apart because i had to take it out to remove the tranny, it didnt fall out on its own because it wore out. Everything inside the assy looks brand new and there are no signs of wear. Why do you think it wont work if i put it back together? I simply don't understand the reasoning on...
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    Reinstalling front drive shaft... Help!

    i am having the same problem.. is there a trick to installing the bearings?!
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    Front Drive Shaft installation issue

    someone please help im having the same problem on this one... i cant seem to get any play out of the CV !!?!
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    Please Help My EX Died Today!!!

    yes it is an auto im considering buying a used tranny with 48,000 on it for 650$ and put it in myself.. how hard of a job is that?
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    Please Help My EX Died Today!!!

    Well my O/D light has been flashing for a while so i took it to autozone to read the codes nothing came up, I decided it would be a good idea to check the fluid and saw it was a dark gray color. The fluid did not smell burnt so i put in a new tranmission oil filter and oil. i noticed my Rpms...
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    mounting box to car

    one thing i could think of is to secure the four corners of the box with saftey wire to the four steel hooks that are on the explorer floor bed in the back.. im not sure if you have the hooks but for some reason there are four hooks in the back for tie-downs or whatever. just an idea if you...
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    Overpowered sub!???!? help!

    okay yes that is true, The amp is rated 300watts rms at 2ohms and the subwoofer is also a single voice coil rated to take 200-300watts rms at 2ohms
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    Overpowered sub!???!? help!

    wow thanks for so many replies guys... im a newbie to the car audio world, are there any tips or hints for setting the gains properly that you guys could give me? also ive been looking at the pictures of your audiosystems on the gallery and noticed some people are putting there amps in the...
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    Overpowered sub!???!? help!

    alright guys im gonna make this real simple. i just bought a MTX TA2301 Class D amp which is rated 300rms and 900watts max " supposedly" and i got this amp to power a 12" sledgehammer sub/enclosure combo i got which says MTX reccomends a 200-300 rms and 600 watt max amp. my...
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    Comment by 'itslpjunior' in media 'Amp Mounting'

    woudnt this overheat?