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    Strange gunk on oil cap

    What brand oil are you using? Mobil 1???
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    05 Mountaineer Air Bag light on.....

    I did have the seat disconnected except for the heating connector with the ignition on. The airbag light flashes 3 times about 5 times total then stays solid.
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    05 Mountaineer Air Bag light on.....

    I had removed the drivers seat to repair the Heating element after reinstalling noticed the airbag light is on when it was not before. Any ideas?
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    2005 Heated seat diagram???

    Excellent. Thanks
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    2005 Heated seat diagram???

    Anyone possibly have a diagram of the heated seat circuit? I have a 2005 Mountaineer out of warranty because of milage where the drivers side heated seat stopped working. Checked the single fuse it was ok the passenger side works. Have not checked for voltage at the seat but that will be next...