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    Explorer XPL?

    If it just says XPL on the title it probably means nothing. The DMV just may have used that as some sort of abbreviation for Explorer.
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    Rattling front driver side

    There are no radius arms on a '98. Check your sway bar end links. They are a pretty common thing to go bad. Also check your front driveline(assuming 4wd). That is your u-joints, pinion bearings, etc.
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    99' SOHC 4 Door - Incredible fuel economy

    I think your math is off in your second calculation. $40 @ $3.09 =12.94 gallons. That would equal 21mpg.
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    MAC Exhaust Kit for 5.0

    I think its a great catback. There is a little drone at abot 60mph but it goes away when you get up to 65-70. I think the sound is great. Definatley not obnoxiously loud.
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    Problem with MAC cold air intake installation

    That is the filter i got with mine, but mine has blue filter material. I think this is the one you want to get. I had no fitment or installation problems at all.
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    Problem with MAC cold air intake installation

    That looks nothing like the filter i got with my MAC intake. Mine is an oval/cone shaped filter element thats blue. Is that what they sent ya?
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    Good Buy?

    I'm pretty sure they came with a V6 too. I didn't see any V8 badging or a mention of it in the ad.
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    Good Buy?

    How do you know its a V8?
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    4406 Install questions

    I had a similar vibration issue from the front driveshaft. Ended up getting it shortened about 3/4" and balanced.(slip joint was completley compressed before). This took care of the vibration on mine.
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    Message Center Install

    I think it was worth it. If you have some electrical skills you shouldn't have any trouble. Only things on mine that dont work are the instant mpg and the oil level/temp feature(would need to replace the oil pan). Not sure why my instant mpg don't work but i can get it if i constantly reset...
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    is it possible (4406 question)

    I did the exact same test before I converted mine. The thing is the detents are very closely spaced. I think what you may be doing is skipping 4hi. If you are saying it goes from 2hi to N then you are skipping 4 hi. Get a pry bar between the lever and the case and move it slowly and...
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    Air filter change/you've got to be kidding!

    Are you talking about removing the bottom half of the air filter box? You shouldn't have to do that to replace the air filter. Like tavery said, just disconnect the black intake tube from the MAF sensor housing if you are having trouble manuvering the upper half.
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    Rear Differential remove/replace

    No I didn't. I did see quite a few at local dealerships after the cash for clunkers program though. Those probably ended up at Vince's. Thats some serious carnage on that pinion! Good luck with the rear end swap. Keep us posted.
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    Question about '97 AWD explorer

    With the VC in the transfer case there is a delay from when the rear wheels begin to spin faster than the fronts to when maximum torque is applied to the front wheels. It does take time for the fluid in the VC to heat up and bond the plates together. Here is a good video of a viscous coupling...
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    Rear Differential remove/replace

    I will second Vince's. I got all of my message center and EATC swap parts there for less than $75. And don't worry, they have plenty of Ex's and Mounties. One tip: if you have kids, don't bring them with you. I drove up with my 4 year old and they wouldn't let him go in with me. Luckily...
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    New Edition to the Collection

    Good work! Be sure to keep us updated with pics on your project.
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    Object beside Windshield washer reservoir??

    Its the cruise control servo. Shouldn't have anything to do with the idle.
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    Does this look right? Urgent.

    Sounds like you need a new tensioner.
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    PCV Valve? I just googled it and thats what I came up with.
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    going to look at 97 V8 ex, Anything to look for?

    Looks like it has a flat/bad rear tire, front drivers side tire is bald, and the front passenger side wheel is mismatched. Did you plan on swapping over your wheels & tires? Also the ad says there is a $300 dealer fee added to the final price. May want to consider that if you do any...
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    99 4x4 XLS low miles with tons of problems.

    That code sure would help. Kinda hard to help ya if we don't have somewhere to start.
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    Engine tries to explode after M112

    What are you going to use for a hood?
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    5.0 E-fan. Want to know what DOES fit.

    He has a first gen V6 Explorer.
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    Is this car worth 4 grand?

    Very nice, and at a decent price too. You got a V8 and an EB. Great combo. Enjoy!
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    Diesel X

    Its a ranger, but hey, how cool it this!