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    A4LD Valve body help

    The only way anything will fall out is if you remove the seperator plate. There's 5 or 6 balls and a like ammount of small rectangular metal keepers at the ends of the springs that can come out if turned over. -Chris
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    1991 Engine Shudder Under Hard Accelleration 10/17

    Clutch! That'd be the first thing to check in your scenario. - Chris
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    Auto transmission shift problem

    had that problem I had the problem with the 2-3 a while back. Turned out to be a stuck plunger in the valve body. Disassembled the valve body (marking down where all the keepers and check balls go) and cleaned it. Works like a champ now. - Chris
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    Urgent help, with head removal

    hmmm Intake manifold removal is MANDATORY in removing the cylinder heads! - Chris