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    Changed battery now truck won't run well/undrivable!

    Just a quick update, the truck will now not even start...turns over well, but it won't start at all, and the oil temp guage is now sort of way off alignment (I'm sure this is random, but i thoguht i would point it out)...I've now tried the truck with a new battery and alternator to no...
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    Changed battery now truck won't run well/undrivable!

    Thank you - it would be greatly apprecaited.
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    Changed battery now truck won't run well/undrivable!

    Hi there, Oh i've been fortunate enough to have not really spent any money on anything, as I've been able to return everything - even the alternator... the guages/idiots lights are all flashing/ it's hard to say, though when they are not the CEL is actually NOT on...the only...
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    Changed battery now truck won't run well/undrivable!

    hi guys, thanks for all the feedback! Unfortuantly today i put in a new alternator and it had the same problem...what is the 'rotted cable' issue? If not, could it be that i fried the ECU?
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    Changed battery now truck won't run well/undrivable!

    Hi there, a few days ago quite suddenly my truck had a hard time starting. I drive the truck about once a week, always starts on the first crank easily. Drove about 10 mins away, let it sit, about 2 hours later the truck would not start at all. Checked and the battery was dying, checked...
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    Lost ignition key - dealer wants $500 for a fix~!

    Hi there, So I have a 98's explorer, I've lost my ignition key, as ita 98 they say that cannot pull the key code as the vehicles is over 10 years old...the dealer wants -150 for new cylinder -2 key at $50 each - and close to 300 in labour to put inthe new cylinder and program up...
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    Lost Ignition keys!!!

    Hi there, (and yes i've searched) I've lost my ignition key...what are my options. I do have the anti-theft chip, however i never lock my doors as the locks no longer To be honest i almost never drive the truck, i'd be happy if there was a way to hook up a remote start or...
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    has anyone installed a locker on a 3gen?

    Hi all, it's been a LONG TIME since i've posted - i'm contemplating replacing my 8.5" lifted 98" with a 3rd gen V8 - is there a front locker also available? And to those that are wondering, i have a tru-trac or tru-lock (not sure which one) but there's no additional noise and it steers...
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    Drivers door lock switch won't lock?

    I've switched the switch - so to speak...i'll check the wires if the weather ever warms up.
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    Drivers door lock switch won't lock?

    my problem is electrical. all the mechanism's work.
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    Drivers door lock switch won't lock?

    Hi all, I've searched and read many of the posts on similar problems...and i guess i'm just looking to confrim my thoughts. my driver side door switch will not lock, however it will unlock. Furher, my key fob won't lock the truck either. But i CAN UNLOCK from the driver side door - and I...
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    Location: Door lock relays?

    I have a similar problem, only my drivers side door unlock will not work - I can lock all the doors from the passenger side...and unlock from the drivers...but i can't lock from it - nor does the key fob lock work now either....
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    Passenger air bag disconnected - now cant' get rid of chime! help!

    well i'm not sure where to located it. the initla work was done by a shop...and truthfully I haven't tinkered with my truck in some time - where would i find the sensor? And to be clear - it 5 x 5 beeping started only after i pulled the blub behind the air bag light...
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    Airbag Light And Constant Beeping

    i know this is an old thread, but i have the same 5 x 5 beeping, happend to me when i pulled the air bad light bulb...
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    Passenger air bag disconnected - now cant' get rid of chime! help!

    Hey there, Its been a long time since i've posted here - good to see there's still lots of support/info :) My truck chimes every 30 mins for 15 seconds because the passenger side airbag sensor on the rad is not hooked up - it was removed when I installed a tranny cooler...long story...
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    Pic's of your ride

    um, i think they are both fromthe same year, 33 x 10 BFG's - awsome tires!
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    Pic's of your ride

    WOW i haven't been on this site in YEARS! i see we finally have a Canadian section. I'm from T.O. here's my truck, since then i think i've fitted with with 34x12.4 truxus a/t (which SUCK) and a 3" BL, but unfortunately haven't been offroading... :( Because i've bent my torsion bar brackets...
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    Replaced your torsion bars?

    you could also just crank up your torsion bolts a little, which would make it ride a little stiffer and maybe a little higher, but a few turns i would think would just firm up the suspension as opposed to raising the ride height.
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    door ajar problem

    I know this is an ancient thread, but i have the same problem, i'll give this a shot tonight when i get home. Thanks!
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    Transfer case won't stay in "high" and whines.

    i was thinking along the same lines...or perhaps the manual version? But now there's a new magnet and clutches in there as well? It's still happening, i don't have any reverse in high and the high pitched whining...
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    Transfer case won't stay in "high" and whines.

    Hi there, i'm really hoping someone can shead some light on this, my trucks been in and out of the shop for MONTHS! Initially i had lost 4wd, 2 hi AND low worked. I took it in, they put rebuilt the tranfer case (???) and everything worked fine, except i had a high pitched whines when off the...
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    Anyone where from Ontario(toronto)? i want to go wheeling!

    come to think of it, i've also been to minden and bobcageon, with the Southern Ontario Xterra Club (great, great people) and had a blast! All nice, relatily easy to moderate trails, well isolated and great scenery.
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    Anyone where from Ontario(toronto)? i want to go wheeling!

    i've been to both, unfortunately my torsion bolts/brackets are bent so i'm laying off on the wheeling for the time being...but who knows?!
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    high pitched whine from rear?

    it does it in both - BUT, it spikes when i manually down shift...and it certainly seems to come from the rear of the veh...??? so the transfere case or the rear diff? and only when the rev's drop below 1K.
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    4WD Lights Blinking

    well, in the 98 and up, it's an auto setting that you loose, you sill have a locked high 4wd... Anyone know if in the 98 and up there's another sensor that would throw this code, i've already changed the two on the rear side of the diff....