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    Sunroof leaking on 95

    Just heard back from Torrie he has no listing for just the seal.
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    Sunroof leaking on 95

    They only list the whole panel, I will email them and see if they can get it.
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    Sunroof leaking on 95

    I have checked Ebay. I will try Ford Parts Network. It would seem someone would make the seal. Thanks
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    Sunroof leaking on 95

    My daughters 95 explorer is leaking around the seal on the sunroof. I got a used sunroof and it helped some but the seal on it was not much better. The only way to get 1 from Ford is to buy the whole glass panel since they do not sale just the seal for the 95 and up.Any suggestions where I might...
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    95 EB jbl radio swap

    I just got a 95 EB for my daughter. It has the JBL am/fm cass. in it. I found a replacement JBL with cd button and a 6 disc changer out of a 97 for a good price. I found out that there is no wiring for the cd in the console so I had to get a harness from Radios and More. Has anyone done this...