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  1. J

    Keyless Entry

    When you did the key rotation from on to off 8x did your door locks cycle to lock then unlock to signal entering programming. Also did you have your door locks in the UNLOCKED position when you tried. If yes to both of these then when you press the LOCK button on the new fob it should cause the...
  2. J


    Do I need to replace just this or entire UCA.
  3. J

    Stock replacement body mount bushing kit?

    Lucky me, I live 5 minutes from a 4Wheel Parts store so I can go in and ask questions before buying :)
  4. J

    Radius Arm Bushings?

    When turning into say a driveway or parking lot with the wheel turned left or right and the truck has to go "up" some then I hear a noise. Sort of a popping/creaking noise. It was suggested to me that the "radius arm bushings" need to be replaced. Anyone heard of this as I am not able to really...
  5. J

    ICE Liquid Clay Bar

    I have used both the Liquid Clay Bar and the Wax and like the outcome, never have used a real clay bar though so cant give a good comparison.
  6. J

    Factory Radio Self Test

    2001 Xsport with Pioneer 6CD HU worked
  7. J

    Finally... A vehicle I am proud to own :)

    Thanks for the welcome. I am looking to put my experiences in the custom car world to use on this truck. I so far have decided to go with 22's, a slight lowering to level things out and remove the wheel gap, a two tone paint set up (including painting that grey trim lol), and the part I have a...
  8. J

    Finally... A vehicle I am proud to own :)

    Hello everyone I am the proud new owner of a 2001 XSport and loving every minute of driving it. As with most people I have BIG plans for it (in more ways than one ) and hope to not be one of those that plans big but never does any of it. Below are some pictures of the truck as it is now I know I...