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    U-joint stucks need to be replaced

    Don't need to pull the front diff. I know that this is a bit late but if anyone else has to do this job you don't have to pull the diff to get the inner u-joint. I just did this the other day on mine. Just get a u-joint press from a parts store (you can rent them for free with a refundable...
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    ratcheting/ whirring then Thump

    Is there a way to rebuild the auto hubs to make them more reliable? The reason I ask is that this vehicle is primarily driven by my wife and I like the ease of the auto hub for her.
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    Bad bearing-like noise in front end

    Did anybody figure this out yet. I have the same thing going on in My 94 XLT. Just replaced the ball joints and all the front axle u-joints and repacked the front wheel bearings. Still makes the noise. I was thinking hubs or transfer case. Any ideas?
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    Bad noise

    Check out this thread.
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    ratcheting/ whirring then Thump

    My 94 Explorer is doing the exact same thing. I just changed all the front axle u-joints and repacked the front wheel bearings. When I put the hubs on and gave it a spin I noticed a similar noise just quieter. I test drove it and I seemed fine, but then today I made the noise while driving...
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    Bad noise

    More front end noises I have a very similar noise in my 1994 XLT. it has been happening for the last 6 months or so and only happens occasionally. Usually it is set off by hitting a bump or taking a sharp corner. It sounds like a loud whining (almost like a when a kid puts a card in his bicycle...