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    4th Gen Explorer 4.0 or 4.6?

    Can't keep that here, they get frame rot.
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    4th Gen Explorer 4.0 or 4.6?

    It was a V8. It had a bad torque converter. The dealer said the Original Owner likely towed with it. 10K for a fixed up, well running truck or SUV is "steal territory," with the prices now. I know people paying close to a grand a month for newer stuff. Taken care of, a 2010 V8 in great shape...
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    4th Gen Explorer 4.0 or 4.6?

    09-10 v8's are drop in F150 drivetrains of that year. It was the mid engine choice when the v6 went away. Also has 6R80 F150 grade transmission. I would say they are very reliable, and don't have the 3v timing problems. By this age though, it is an older truck and if the last owner abused it or...
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    My 2000 XLT Explorer 4 Door

    Mine seeps a bit too, not driven that much so I just check it every so often. That rusty torsion bar could snap, Just FYI. Had to get replacements.
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    I have a 1995 exploder and I am new.

    Parking brake on PA rusty truck is likely useless by now. But yeah, if it can hold with a bit of gas.
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    2022 Ford Explorer Tail Light Assembly

    Where are you testing for voltage? (Yes, mine is older) but I had bad sockets and the lights wouldn't work. The socket holds the blub and connects to the harness. I think most cars are set up that way.
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    Junkyard trip for Gen II parts

    98+ could have heated seats. They are installed on the seat bezel. I have my truck state inspected at Ford. The tech that did it said he was around when they came out, he said I thought only 98s had them, he said I guess you added them 😂. Told me he replaced plenty of pads.
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    Junkyard trip for Gen II parts

    Understood, it is not the most fun job. You can replace with zip ties, but I also understand you may want it stock. Zip ties are preferred sometimes because heating elements can short out with metal. A 24 yo seat in JY is 20/80 if it will still heat. And if you use it often, probably won't last...
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    Junkyard trip for Gen II parts

    Best bet with heated seats is to buy a kit. It may wire directly into what you have or you can use the switches. It is pretty simple with a two wire heating element. The heated seat pads usually have an internal thermostat. An old seat may not even heat or be at the end of its life. I have...
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    Upper Control Arm Question

    Bushings usually act as a torsion spring, and spring back with authority. They should not be loose (that would indicate being worn out). There is a torque spec they should be tightened to. Bushings help control body roll.
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    Parking brake shoes

    Mechanism looks pretty trashed. I can lube it up, install those 745 shoes, $18 into it, definitely has a nice cutout for the actuator, maybe it will work but it looks like some metal may be worn away by the top slider. These shoes supposedly have a very high grip too, guess it is for older...
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    Parking brake shoes

    They should be coming soon. I also noticed that on other cars the hardware is much simpler to install (different upper spring). Crown Vics also use these shoes. On some the (1) return spring attaches into the round holes, not the wide V groove.
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    Bosch 66085 == Walbro GSS250

    Amazon service is great. I bought coils for my F150. One misfired, they told me to keep them and refunded me. I put the boot from the new coil on the old and it worked. The other day I did the same to another :lol:
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    Bosch 66085 == Walbro GSS250

    No guarantees. Sometimes Amazon drop ships. Likely though a trusted vendor, just like rockauto.
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    Bosch 66085 == Walbro GSS250

    Rockauto places orders with jobbers who ship parts. E.G. I see stuff from United Auto Parts. UAP supplies Motorcraft to Ford Dealers here. I've bought from Ford recently (friction modifier) and Saw the same UAP type sticker with the dealer name. Not to say every jobber is legit and does not get...
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    96 XLT V8: Tripmeter/Odometer Fails, Speedo OK

    Here is the service manual. For a 97, but should be the same (96 not as detailed). VSS I believe is on the transfer case. There may be two VSS if you have 4x4. The odo uses the speedo signal, so that is weird.
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    Parking brake shoes

    Interesting observation: My parking brake wasn't working that well. So I pull the rotor. Everything inside looks perfect, no problem. Was done kinda recently, I don't even drive it much, but I use the parking brake. Then I take tension off the cables. Nothing is binding. Both cables are pretty...
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    2000 explorer 5.0 v8 eddie bauer edition with wierd charging circuit issue.

    These trucks actually have a good, accurate voltage gauge. Does it move? The 3/4 (normal) position is 14V
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    High fuel trims

    yeah, those first numbers would absolutely have a CEL. New numbers seem passable, but still a bit negative. It is subtracting fuel because more fuel than normal is going in. Not sure if you have wideband o2s on there, but usually there would be a code set if they were bad. Run a good cleaner...
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    High fuel trims

    I noticed it is negative. That means subtracting fuel. Leaking injector?
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    High fuel trims

    Huge vacuum leak? MAF sensor dirty? Exhaust leak near 02?Fuel Delivery? What is the fuel trim at 1500RPM off idle?
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    3.55 to 3.73 LSD swap compatibility.

    My F150 has Trac Lok and AdvanceTrac. All Trac lock will do is stop some wheel spin if the conditions are right. I think the advance trac compliments it because it can apply some bias with the brakes.
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    Lamp Outage Module?

    Interesting. You know your electronics! I know the LOM can fail in such a way where you can lose your tail lights and/or brake lights AND there is no indication to the message center. I had this. There is another module in the back that also uses the brake signal (I believe the security...
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    Pizza boss said he doesn't want me delivering in my Explorer if it's leaking.

    Spray down your steering shaft U joints with lots of fluid film, working it into the bearings. They can bind up and there are no repair parts. The fluid film will keep them going a long time. The lower U is likely exposed by now.
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    opinions wanted - sell my 1997 Explorer v8 AWD 115k to buy 2010 Explorer 4.6 135k

    I have an 11 F150 with the 6.2L engine and I have service records for it. 6R80 trans, same as the Explorer except for some electronics. First trans service at 125k. I got it at 186k, the fluid was pretty black, it was used for towing at capacity, I got 10 quarts out of it (let it drain...