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  1. J

    My big whoops

    Looked like a crazy ride. Too bad it happened or you'd have two Explorers. Hope the new one treats you as good as it treated me. -Mark
  2. J

    New owner...2001 Limited

    Same thing I have. Very nice. Have any pictures?
  3. J

    Any real reliability differences between 99-01?

    The 302 has also been around forever in one form or another. Sounds great too :)
  4. J

    2002-05 4.6L Specs

    If it helps my parents had 02 & 05 V8's with tow packages and they both had 3.73's
  5. J

    Drivers heated Seat Not Heating

    I have the exact same problem. I think that my heating element is burnt out, but I don't know how to go about fixing this problem.
  6. J

    Can I see your Limited?

    Here is my '01 Limited. Picture is from when I got it, hence the temporary tags. Not much has changed except I now have Revos.
  7. J

    Get your 5.0 shortblock now-while they are cheap!!!

    Bought one, $84.23 shipped. Used a virtual credit card number with $100 limit. I guess we'll see.... I also checked at and it was about the same price.
  8. J

    Keypad on drivers door?

    Dead Link Removed I had to find mine last week.
  9. J

    New from PA

    I am from Erie, PA. Here are the pics... -Mark
  10. J

    New from PA

    Planning to wash it today when I get out of work, lots of bugs from the trip up from VA. Pics coming soon. -Mark
  11. J

    New from PA

    Hello, I've been lurking around on the board for a little while, but I just my Explorer this weekend. Its a 2001 Limited V8 w/ 58k on it. I am very excited ab out this vehicle, I have been looking for the right one for quite some time. Hopefully going to do the TM headers, intake, and exhaust...