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    4.6 MPG increase

    I have been disappointed in our MPG for a long time. In town driving was stuck at 13.3 MPG forever. I watched a few video's on people removing their fuel injectors, and using various methods to clean them. I was not OCD enough to do that. I did buy a gallon of Seafoam at autozone to try it my...
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    5R55S Transmission woes

    I knew about Explorer tranny issues prior to buying our 2010 4.6 a few years ago at 80k miles. it is now 130k w no probs. I used research at to help w my decision to buy. Data clearly shows that in 2009 Ford had a design change that eliminated the issue. Find out what that...
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    rear badge removal and a boo-boo..

    I have used a plastic interior trim tool and acetone to do this many times. Acetone will not damage paint but softens the glue. start by using tool to pry off emblem then use acetone to soften glue. wait a few minutes then use tool to scrape off glue residue.
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    woke up to steering wheel not moving

    I suspect that is the cause. Hydraulic fluids are highly engineered to work with specific pressures and other parameters. You should do a proper bleed and fill to see if it fixes the problem using fluid specified in the manual.
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    I wanted to revisit a problem I had in the past

    I expected to hear you did not get along with your dad or something.
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    Found the Engineering test mode

    I guess some of us are engineers...and others...well...not.
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    2007 EB Explorer died in server rain storm, runs now, but with issues.

    My 2000 Expedition had similar issues. Turns out Ford placed the ECU module in a place the sunroof drained water right on top of it. I replaced several of those modules. Maybe water issues and Ford electronics is a recurring theme. I would look at where your engine control module is located and...
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    Trailer Sway MPG hit???

    Not sure...but I *think* I have noticed the trailer sway function affects MPG...around .1-.3, not an insignificant amount. I have not done detail testing of my theory, but I have seen what I believe is this effect. In trying to test my theory, I discovered you can disable trailer sway in...
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    Rear emblem replacement 2007 XLT

    I usually don't get on well with people that only have one idea. sheesh. Maybe you should take up painting.
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    Which year is the most reliable Explorer?

    the best advice I could give everyone looking for a vehicle, is patience. study to find what is good for you and has a track record. do not jump at your 'dream vehicle', but consult with others. Our "all ford" driveway has cost 22k. I cannot believe what people pay nowadays for a vehicle. My...