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    96X Faded Trim (PIC)

    8 Month Update: I masked and painted the plastic pillars with Krylon Fusion Satin Black spray paint from ACE Hardware, with no pre-sanding. Just wiped down with paint thinner, let dry & hit with the rattle can. After 8 months, the pillars look excellent, with no fading, wearing, flaking, or...
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    Back doors open from outside but not inside

    On my 1996 XLT, both the back doors will open from outside but not using the inside handles. I have repeatedly set the child-safety lockout lever in both positions, but it doesn't make any difference. Is there a well-known fix for this condition? Thanks!
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    Q: Driver's window slipping

    On my 1996 XLT, the driver's window motor seems to work fine, but the window has become increasingly resistant to moving without an "assist" from a hand on the glass to boost it on its way. It rolls up pretty well, but won't roll down hardly at all. It feels like something is slipping between...
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    Q: OBD2 Connector Location?

    Thanks for both of your replies. Got the job done, thanks to $50 eBay generic code reader & an assist from the great folks on this forum.
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    Q: OBD2 Connector Location?

    I bought an OBD2 code reader for my 1996 XLT, but sticking my head under the dash, I'm not seeing an obvious place to hook it up. Where's the port?
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    New Radiator - Permatex at Trans Fittings?

    Brooklyn, Thanks for the tip. I used teflon and nothing leaks. My wife is happy to have her beloved (by her, not me) X back!
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    New Radiator - Permatex at Trans Fittings?

    My new plastic-tank radiator came with the brass transmission line fittings loose - I need to screw them into the radiator. Should I use Permatex, some other sealant, or just screw it in metal-to-metal? Note, I am NOT talking about the transmission line compression fittings. Thanks!
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    96X Faded Trim (PIC)

    Is there a lasting, quality way to repaint the faded black plastic trim? My wife says she's going to need a new Escalade if I can't get the trim black again on her '96 X. Thanks!
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    Additional fuel tank capacity?

    Does any company make auxillary and/or larger fuel tanks for the '96 4-door Explorer? Is there any way to increase fuel capacity, other than jerry cans? Thanks!
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    Did 5.0 Ex ever come with low-range xfer case?

    Sorry if this has been answered before - I couldn't find it via search. Q: Did Ford ever sell the 5.0 explorer with a low-range transfer case? If so, please let me know what that option is called, and what years it was available. Otherwise, can a 4WD transfer case be easily swapped into a...
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    Rancho front shocks

    I just tried the 5128's on the front of my '96 4X4 and they do NOT fit - major interference with the CV boot! You have to run the 5229's (or 9229) with the skinny extention rod portion (see pic of the 9229 in post above). I think SPLAT can run the 5128's only because he is 2 wheel drive...
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    How to install Rancho shock boots?

    Thanks - I installed mine without boots. The OEM Ford factory shocks with 100K miles had the compressive resistance of a wet noodle. Also removed the rear sway bar and diff-to-frame damper. My wife noticed a handling improvement already, even with the OEM front shocks not done yet.
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    How to install Rancho shock boots?

    My Rancho 5000 rear shocks came with red rubber accordion boots. It appears that you are supposed to remove the mounting flange from the upper end of the shock to get the boot on. However, it looks impossible to get the mounting flange out of the rubber bushing. Q: Do I need the boot? Q...
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    '96 XLT: left rear shock upper nuts blocked by thingie

    There is some kind of gizmo mounted next to the spare tire area, under the cargo floor. This thing, which has tubing running toward the gas tank, blocks access to the top nuts of the left rear shock. Is there an easy way to get to these nuts? Also, what is that gizmo? Thanks!
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    any experience with yokohama's?

    I have Yokohama 60-seriess on my Mercury Grand Marquis, and they are awesome. Very grippy, yet forgiving - as you approach the limit of adhesion, they very gradually start slipping - back off the gas and they straighten right out. Much better than the Michelins I had on prior. Ugly tire...
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    Q: rear shock length for '96 with 4inch lift?

    Sorry if this is repetetive - I searched the forum without success for this: '96 XLT 4X4 - My stock Ford shocks are about 1/8" too short at full extension since I installed ProComp add-a-leaf and removed the factory inter-leaf spacers. Is the Rancho 5185 any longer at full extension than the...
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    What is the 3rd shock from rear diff to frame rail?

    While installing a ProComp add-a-leaf (harder than I expected, by the way) to my '96 XLT 4X4, I discovered a short, stubby shock absorber mounted on the right side of the differential housing, and running at a 45 degree angle up to the passenger-side frame rail. What is that? Thanks!
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    What is a transfer case?

    I agree - Remove the front driveshaft for now If your Explorer is AWD (switch positions marked something like: AUTO - 4high - 4low), then removing the front driveshaft (very easy job) would remove strain on both the tranfer case and all the front drivetrain components. If you want to defer...
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    What do I do with my SKINNY Michelins?

    I just put a set of Michelin LTX M/S 235-75/15's on my X because the previous set went 50K miles on a 4200 pound, 4X4 vehicle - not bad! THEN I found this website and discovered that I didn't have to keep puting up with 5 inches of ground clearance. I've just lifted my X 1.5 inches with...
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    Q: exact rancho 5000 model no. for '96 4X4?

    '96 4-door, 4X4, 6cyl. Searching the old posts, it looks like the RS5128 will work with 2 inch TT on the fronts. But I can't find the right model number for rears (2 inch add-a-leaf only). A number of you list the 5000 for rears, do you remember which model? THANKS!
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    '96 Fried Transfer Case - Lemon?

    Yep, the $1500 was a lot. Ford Dealer wanted $2400. The rebuilt unit has a new clutch-pack and new planetary gears, each of which would have been $700 separately. Going to the manual TC from the Ranger sounds great, but I needed to drive the exp to work the following Monday, know what I mean?
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    '96 Fried Transfer Case - Lemon?

    Right at 100K miles, the transfer case on my '96 6-cyl 4X4 started screaming on the downslope from Pahrump into Las Vegas. It would scream while unloaded, but work perfectly when under load. So I limped it home by riding the brakes and giving it a little gas. Called around and took the...