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    Heiss Rd. Thursday April 1st (opening day)

    unfortunately i don't think it would be worth it... it would be awesome if you came, but its only like a 1 mile stretch, its just really extreme thats why everyone makes a big deal out of it...
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    Heiss Rd. Thursday April 1st (opening day)

    how long of a drive would it be for ya?
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    Heiss Rd. Thursday April 1st (opening day)

    its actually in monroe, yes you could call it a road... but its the most challenging offroading i've ever done... its a pretty good time... i don't know if it would be worth it to come out from over there, but it would pretty cool if ya did
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    Your take on the bertuzzi hit?

    IMO... If infact Moore is paralyzed or can not play hockey, Bertuzzi should not be allowed to step foot in an NHL rink ever again... I have watched the video over and over... From my experience as a hockey player and from what i see in the video, he clearly drove his head into the ice... Totally...
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    Heiss Rd. Thursday April 1st (opening day)

    heiss rd run click there!:D
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    Odd engine problem

    your not makin me feel any better :( lol i've had this problem for like 8 months now...
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    Odd engine problem

    any update i am having close to the same problem... i am gonna try a new coil pack, but i'm prayin its not the injectors
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    Goodyear MT/Rs

    i am runnin 32"s and i love them! only bad thing is... on ice, or wiht a lil dusting of snow they are horrid. other than that, they are awesome offroad! and they wear very nice
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  10. snowdriveway


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  12. medrawing


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  14. bronco2


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    Silver Lake Sand Dunes April 2nd, 3rd, and 4th

    This should be plenty of warning for all you midwest guys... I will be there with some guys from work.
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    monroe reflex

    i'm running a 3" body lift and 2 " susp. with relfex shocks, i absolutely love them...
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    "new" early bronco (concept)

    :fire:if that is indeed true.... FORD :shoot:
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    from what i noticecd it happened over like 3 or 4 months. i'm not sure on this but i don't think your pump has to be empty/low to go bad. i think sometimes they just go after a while... but then again it might not even be your pump, just my .02
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    mine got like that, and gradually got worse... i ended up changin the rack and the ps pump at the same time. the rack leaked causing my pump to run dry and burn up. i'm pretty sure it felt like that becasue the pump wasn't completely working to answer your question tho
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    Snow Pics

    here is my first snow pic of the season:D
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  22. snowhill


  23. shifter


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  25. snowhillfront1