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    Airbag Light with DTCs

    My 07 Mountaineer has the airbag light on, and it's been on for a while now. It started with an intermittent issue where it would come on during the first start of the day and then usually wouldn't come on after that for the whole day. Now it comes on and stays on. There is no flashing so I can...
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    Coolant Leak on Front of Engine (2007 4.6L V8 Mountaineer)

    After pulling off the fan, reservoir, shroud, alternator, and belt I was finally able to see the problem. Mine was leaking from the bottom of the water pump. The coolant was running right behind the AC compressor pully so I couldn't see the leak before. The gasket was completely degraded. But it...
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    Coolant Leak on Front of Engine (2007 4.6L V8 Mountaineer)

    I did. I followed all the heater hoses and looked at all the clamps, joints, and connections..... and none of them are leaking. When I pressure test I can see the coolant dripping from behind the compressor pully, but I can't see the bottom of the water pump which is right above the compressor...
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    Coolant Leak on Front of Engine (2007 4.6L V8 Mountaineer)

    Hi everyone. Over the past few months I noticed a very small amount off coolant on my driveway when the vehicle cools down after a long drive. It was never a concerning amount and due to the vehicles age I was not too concerned. I monitored the reservoir and it never reached a low level...
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    2002 Explorer Limited airbag code 12

    I have checked as many of the wire as I could. Is there a way to unplug the airbag module and let it set a while to see if the code will reset or go away?
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    2002 Explorer Limited airbag code 12

    Hey everyone. A few months ago my airbag light started flashing upon startup. It flashes code 1-2 about 4 times then stays solid for the rest of the time the car is running. I know that the code means low voltage to the RCM. I have checked all fuses but inside the car and engine bay and none...
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    '02 Limited Memory Seat Function

    My '02 Limited has the memory seat remote entry feature. This is when you press unlock on the remote and seat moves to the driver's position. However, every time I try to program the feature it doe not take. I have gotten it to work twice but then nothing. I do have the easy exit feature...
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    oil cap stuck

    I have a 2002 explorer limited and the oil cap will not come off. I need to add some oil but the cap will no come off. I have pushed, pulled, twisted, and jerked but it won't come off. What should I do? Thanks.
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    Fuel filter replacement

    I have an '02 Explorer Limited V8. How often should i replace the fuel filter? I don't know the last time it was changed. And where is the filter located? Also, how often should the air filter be replaced? I'm trying the increase my fuel economy. If you have any other ideas on how to do this...
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    Air Bag Light

    The air bag light on my '02 limited will flash 3 time, pause and flash 3 more times then saty on when i start my car. I had a scanner hooked up to it and the trouble code B1342 came back and said it was a control module malfunction. What does this mean? I read that it could be the seat belts or...
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    GPS for 2002 Explorer

    I have a 2002 ford explorer limited and I have been wanting to add an in-dash navigation system to it since last year. It now has the factory 6 disc cd changer head unit and I want to keep that fetaure. So I did some research and found out that the I can buy a ford factory gps from an '07-'10...
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    Backup Sensor Volume

    I was wondering if the volume of the backup seneor on my 2002 Ford Explorer Limited could be increased. Sometimes I can't hear it, especially with the radio, a/c, and outisde noise. I read somewhere that a dealership could do it, but i don't wantto pay big $$$ for such a little adjustment...
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    2002 Ford Explorer Mirrors

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Limited and i recently ruined them with Goof-Off. I was looking online at for some new ones and found a set or both driver and passenger for $111.03 with no tax and free shipping. I also saw some with power folding. Now my question is, since my...