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    My new 347

    is that a Dart block or a stock Ford block. I love the 347's such a great bore and stroke combo.
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    well picked up a brand new 15 Ex a couple of weeks ago and noticed the smell on the way home then I find this huge thread about it. I can not believe Ford has not corrected this since 2011. I just hit 900 miles and smell it every morning when I merge on the freeway. uugg
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    Time to come back

    they are I was originally looking at a 2014 Limited with the optional 20" wheels but the one that I purchased is a 2015 with the 18's
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    Time to come back

    Thanks I forgot about that here is another pic of front tinted windows I had done today. It's Florida legal 26% I believe .
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    Time to come back

    HA ya I remember the North Miami Beach(NMB) kids were scary I think they were Football State Champs back then
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    Time to come back

    thank you very much , Miami Beach Senior High grad here class of 87
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    Time to come back

    Ok I just picked it up and drove about 15 miles home . It feels like I am back home. The seats are night and day. It now hits me I put 26k on the escape and now realize how much nicer the EX really is.
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    Time to come back

    great thanks for the advice . The escape seats are small for me and it is very noisy. I know it is a great value but I think the EX will put a smile back on my face when it comes to long drives. I am surprised that the XLT fully loaded is just about a limited minus the memory seats and power...
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    Time to come back

    Well my dealer made me a sweet deal on a 15 XLT 202b package, tow package, 20" wheels and Navigation in the color I wanted silver I will test drive it tonight
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    Time to come back

    I drove a sport today and have ruled out the limited as the twin turbo engine really gets up and goes well. I will keep this one for a few years so I will take my time looking for one that I like.
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    Time to come back

    Well traded in my 04 EX limited for a 14 escape and think its time to throw in the towel . I really tried to like it but the facts are I need a bigger SUV for towing and holding all the gear needed for my pee wee motocross rider . I will not go into details unless someone wants to hear about...
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    new 2014 Escape the Ex is gone

    Over all I like it as I just feel at home in it since it is a Ford suv. I like the 32mpg on the highway but it will take a while to get used to the 4 banger power since my Ex had the 4.6 with 3:73 tow package gear but overall I am happy for what I could afford to spend. My heart still jumps...
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    new 2014 Escape the Ex is gone

    Thanks guys !!
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    new 2014 Escape the Ex is gone

    Well I traded my 04 Explorer last night in for a 14 Escape with 6 miles on it. My Ex has 122k+ on her and is starting to show her age. I really loved my suv and it has been a great 6 years. Some one is going to get a well maintained Explorer limited with Alpine DVD navigation .I did not want to...
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    3rd Gen washer pump out, both wipers work.

    I know is this is an old thread but Thank you for the info as it just saved my day
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    Photos 3rd gen pic's

    what color are the wheels it looks like a shade of grey... BTY I work down the street and see some very cool cars at blue marlin in Stuart
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    Chevy LS swap?

    this swap would be the ultimate sleeper
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    phils70 in TX

    Welcome aboard
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    Exterior Mods complete: Before & After pics

    nice and tight good job
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    Help! Horrible front end sqweak!

    I use WD40 on my sway bar bushings to stop the noise
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    Gas prices

    is that price for regular