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  1. K

    Couple questions about my 96 explorer

    I got a 1996 ford explorer with the 4.0 ohv and an automatic trans 4x4. Does anyone know if the hub assembly from a 94 4.0 4x4 would be the same as my 96? I also have a problem with my gas mileage I checked my mileage with the trip meter and i'm only getting around 12 mpg. It seems to run...
  2. K

    Cruise control problems

    How would I check the brake redundant switch? Sorry i'm not familiar with explorers this is my first time owning one.
  3. K

    Cruise control problems

    I have a 96 ford explorer with the 4.0 in it. When I bought it the cruise and the horn did not work. I recently fixed the horn by pulling it off and cleaning it from rust so it got a good ground. My cruise does not work at all and the switches on my steering wheel are weird and when I hit the on...