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    All interior lights go off when turning on headlights

    Nothing happens. Lights stay off.
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    All interior lights go off when turning on headlights

    Hi guys, when turning on my headlights this morning, I noticed that all interior lights that usually go on with it (instrument cluster, radio, AC control and message center) wouldnt light up. When the headlights are off, radio display, AC control and message center light up fine. Since this...
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    HID Hi/Low

    Servus Crizz :) so sieht ma sich wieder. Die Welt ist halt doch klein. Gruss Quakecom
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    Engine block heaters...

    Did you have any issues with coolant leaking ?
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    Engine block heaters...

    Hey, do any of you have an engine block heater installed in your Explorers? If so, what kind do you have (radiator hose in-line, freeze-plug style etc) and would you recommend it? Also, how much were they? Thanks. Quakecom
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    need help please... no power coming to left headlight!!!

    Sweet....its working again :) It really was the LOM. The hardest part was removing the two screws and getting this thing out of the console and after fixing it getting it back in. After removing the module from the case fixing it by re-soldering a couple of points that looked like they werent...
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    need help please... no power coming to left headlight!!!

    Yeah, there are separate fuses for the left and the right headlights, but they are fine.
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    need help please... no power coming to left headlight!!!

    Hey guys, got a little problem I havent been able to solve yet. A couple of days ago, the left headlight went out so I figured I need to replace the bulb. Well, turns out that the bulb works fine. It seems that power isnt getting to the bulb. I tried to see if the wires have been damaged...
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    Wiring Harness for CD Changer

    Try They are a bit more expensive, but they might just have what you need. Good luck. Quakecom
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    Driver's door stuck locked - how to remove door latch?

    I just changed the lock actuator in my driver door and it was a *****. Start off by removing the door panel. When you look inside the door, you can see some kind of rail in which the windows moves up and down. you should def. remove that to give yourself some space to work inside the door (you...
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    Remote Starter installation

    @tbirdman: You are right. Once the engine is running, the remote is disabled. So the only way to open the runnning car would be either using the key or the door key pad, correct? Is there a way to disable this behaviour? Basically, it seems that the factory remote system in the car receives a...
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    Remote Starter installation

    Hey guys, I bought a Valet 552T remote starter for my 97 EB which I am currently trying to install. Since I already have the factory keyless entry system which I dont wanna mess with, is it possible to install the remote starter but just hook up the "remote starting" part of it? Meaning I use...
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    Alternator removal and replacement on a SOHC

    There is a triple gauge pod for an Explorer?!??! Never seen it. Where can I get it? :) Anybody knows, if a triple gauge pod for an F150 will fit the Explorer (95-97)? Thanks Quakecom
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    Max Wattage Handling

    I ran Nokya 90W/100W bulbs for over a year without problems :) Quakecom
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    Stereo - Power + Volume knob broke

    You could try to take the radio apart to check if there is something wrong with the volume button. I will prob. have to do the same altough for a different reason. On my HU (BTW same car, same radio) the radio doesnt turn off when pushing the volume button. It seems that the button isnt enough...
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    Im serious about a cng conversion but can't find any kits

    Is there a reason, why you want to get CNG instead of LPG? To my knowledge there are only disadvantages from using CNG compared to LGP. For once, CNG needs to be stored under a pressure of approx. 200 bar compared to LPG with only 10 bar. Therefore, CNG needs much bigger and stronger tanks to...
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    lpg 97 xlt

    I had my Explorer converted to LPG. Best mod I have ever done IMHO. As far as I know, you can only get it done here in Europe. My conversion was about $2k here in Germany. Good luck. Quakecom
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    Multipoint Sequential Gas Injection?

    I got it installed here in Germany. Its a Lando Renzi Omega system (the best on the market ASAIK) and it was about $2k (installed). Quakecom
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    Multipoint Sequential Gas Injection?

    I converted my X to run on LPG back in March. It worked out pretty well and I never regretted doing it. Quakecom
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    4.0 SOHC..... What would cause Carbon build up....

    @Rage: Where in Germany are you stationed?
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    Adding aux. shock sensor to stock alarm system...

    Hey guys, I read somewhere on the board here that it would be possible to add a shock sensor to the stock alarm system by tapping in to the existing wires that connect to the hood pin switch. I checked the hood pin switch and it has two wires connection to it. The shock sensor I just bought...
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    Major hesitation during exceleration

    I had the same problem. It felt like the engine was stuttering when accelerating. Turns out that the spark plugs were totally shot. Some damn animal got under the hood from under the car and startet chewing on the spark plugs. I replaced them and the problem went away. Hope this helps...
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    97 4.0 SOHC hiccups when accelerating - truck nor driver!

    I had a similar problem. Turns out that my spark plugs were totally shot and needed to be replaced. Some animal took a big bite out of them. No engine stuttering since. Quakecom
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    Anyone running 265/60/18s on explorer

    285/50/18 and soon to be dropped ;)
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    '97 EB Power Antenna Help

    The sub in the rear quarter panel is powered by the amp thats right next to it. You should have the JBL premium sound system which is a distributed system and since everything else is working (I assume) either the sub itself has gone bad or the connection to the sub is not working right. If you...