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    high pitch sound after shut down

    I'm still having the issue but haven't had time to diagnose it more. I know if I take it to the dealership they'll want to keep it or charge me to pull fuses to find it. I just make a habit of going back into my garage an hour or so after come home to make sure there is no high pitch. I only had...
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    high pitch sound after shut down

    I have the same high pitched noise on my 2011 XLT. Pretty sure it was there from day 1. Parked it tonight around 5pm and went back into the garage around 8pm and it was still ringing. Did a google search, found this thread and as I figured, others mentioned it will drain the battery. Went out...
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    2011 Ford Explorer Transmission Problems?

    I had the same thing happen to me 3 times in about 4800 miles. I actually just dropped my X off at the dealership yesterday for leaking transmission fluid. Saw it when I was changing the oil last week. Still waiting on a call back to see what the problem is.
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    swetrid can you post anymore info on this one: 11-9-11 6F50/6F55 TRANSMISSION - SLUGGISH ACCELERATION FROM 0-8 KM\H (0-5 MPH) FOLLOWED BY A HARSH BUMP OR A SLIP ON TAKE-OFF FOLLOWED BY A BUMP - BUILT ON OR BEFORE 4/15/2011 I've experienced this 3 times in 4800 miles. It feels like I hit...
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    Explorer A-Pillar Rattle/Noise

    There's actually at least 2 other threads on this very topic, the OP probably didn't know it was coming from the A-pillar at the time. I also have this rattle in both pillars. Only heard it when traveling on the interstate with medium to strong crosswinds. I need to take it to my dealer and...
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    Can I Trust My Dealer?

    @KidShazam There's really only one thing you need to remember here, GET IT IN WRITING with as many signatures as you can. They want your John Hancock on the DORA so at the very least, get a copy of it. Circle the price, underline it, highlight it, etc. I had my dealership do this. They wrote...
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    How has your Dealer Been through This Process?

    Will add my experience with the dealership. Ordered/money down on 9/3/2010 and didn't get one phone call in 5.5 months (drove off the lot second week of Feb). I called the dealership on the day it was supposed to be delivered seeing how I got more info from Ford customer service (thanks Cory!)...
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    Explorer A-Pillar Rattle/Noise

    So the solution that Ford gives to dealers is tape the A-pillars, drive it on the interstate to see if it's gone (need to be going 80mph+ or have equivalent head-wind to hear it) and if so, apply double sided sticky tape to black windshield moldings?
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    DEALER ALLOCATION. I hate it like we all do.

    The whole dealer allocation process is overly complex in my opinion and needs to be rethought. It's trying to be everything to everybody and it doesn't work. It tries to satisfy the most amount of people at the cost of First-In First-Out which every product/service should follow. The current...
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    How do you like your Explorer so far?

    I don't understand the need for LCD shields. Won't the shield now be the one getting the fingerprints instead of the LCD? Does everyone use MFT while wielding knives or are finger nails scratching the LCD? And everyone knows you got a microfiber cloth just for cleaning MFT in their user's manual...
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    No response from FordCustSrvc

    They don't check this site everyday. There's 2 known Ford reps who log into that account. Give it some more time or try to message "Cory @ Ford" on Facebook. Since that has higher traffic, you'll have better odds of catching him there.
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    Your actual mileage may vary??

    I'm just over 1100 miles now, filled up 4-5 times. First fill-up was all city driving, was getting 16mpg in cold weather. Second and third fill-ups had a mix of city and highway and got 17mpg. My last fill-up was mostly flat interstate traveling west at 70-80mph with strong winds from the north...
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    Base model...

    If anyone decides to order parts from here, enter a zip code of 30071 and choose Peach State Ford. They seem to be the cheapest Ford parts dealer in the country (that we've found). They will ship it to you for much less than your local dealer. Example: my local dealer wants $303 for the driver's...
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    USB storage?

    I had 60GB and 320GB 2.5" hard drives laying around and was all ready to go this route but then I started thinking, that's a LOT of music, even if they were all ripped at 256kbps so I decided to use a 16GB SD card since it slides in and won't stick out like USB drives not that you'll be in there...
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    Husky / WeatherTech Floor and Cargo Liners

    The one I posted the image of is not the official Ford one, that's too pricey like you mentioned. This one is $57 shipped from Amazon: I looked at all different kinds of cargo organizers and have settled on this one. I...
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    Husky / WeatherTech Floor and Cargo Liners

    I wouldn't call the surface sticky but it's not smooth plastic either. You can tell from my second picture the texture that is there. I've had one grocery run with it since I put the liner and could tell the bags slid around less but this could be my packing difference. I always try to put the...
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    Husky / WeatherTech Floor and Cargo Liners

    As Mishtar already stated you can roll it back up and can put it behind the third row if you really need them. I don't expect the rolled-up mat to lay flat in the well so you'll need to have it angled a little, no big deal. Yes that is the Husky Liner. I was also thinking about the lip on the...
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    Husky / WeatherTech Floor and Cargo Liners

    Sorry this took so long. This is the Husky "extended" cargo liner (over 3rd row) from like others have mentioned, $98 to my door. It's still not fully laying flat, need to keep some sandbags on 2-3 places for a while longer.
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    Explorer A-Pillar Rattle/Noise

    I also have this issue, noticed it just recently on my interstate trips to Omaha for both driver and passenger side A-pillars. I've heard it only when there's strong head-winds like others have mentioned. I can floor it to 85mph with no head-wind and not hear it but I can also drive at ~70mph...
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    Husky / WeatherTech Floor and Cargo Liners

    I just got my black Husky extended (over 3rd row) cargo liner today. It's currently in the Ex with four 30lb sand bags on the corners. Got lucky and had a 60 degree day here in Des Moines, made it easier to unroll. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow and post it. I was worried after reading other...
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    New order placed 3/1/11!!

    See this thread if you haven't already:
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    Sync V2.7

    No improvements for anyone? Hard to believe it didn't help at least some people. As is the nature of software development I suppose.
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    Husky / WeatherTech Floor and Cargo Liners

    Here's a stupid question. If I take the part number for the extended (over 3rd row) cargo liner (23781) and Google it, I found 3 places that sell it for cheaper than directly from Husky ($130), all under $100...
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    Fox News Car Report on the '11 Explorer

    Amen to that. The new Explorer is just over 5 inches wider than the outgoing model, crazy. Another good example is the Honda Pilot. My neighbor across the street has a 2010 model and two houses down from him is an older ~2000 model and it's night and day difference. The 2000 looks like a toy, a...
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    Adding Remote Start

    If I can find the wiring diagram I'll probably bite on the Bi-Directional and install it myself. I'm pretty sure the dealer's parts department will print these out for me. uniquename, do you have experience installing remote start kits? Basically locating wires and tapping into them, mounting...