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    Lift how much wiyh out changing drive shaft

    I ran a 5.5" Superlift and a 3" body lift on a '93 Sport without any driveshaft problems. If I went with about 2" more lift I would have had to add an extended version
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    Uwharrie, NC Trailride Planned!!

    Eric, We are meeting at about 7:30 or 8:00 and leaving as soon as all 15-20 trucks show up. The plan is to be at Uwharrie by 11:00 and return to Raleigh that night at about 7:30
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    Uwharrie, NC Trailride Planned!!

    Scott, Are you still planning to come on the run next weekend? If so, we are meeting at 4 Wheeling of Raleigh at 8:00. Please confirm your plans and we can arrange to meet prior to the date. Where are you coming from?
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    Uwharrie, NC Trailride Planned!!

    Eric, You don't have to have a really built Explorer to go. I used to go to Uwharrie when my Explorer was bone stock. My roomate will probably take his stocker with little more than 31" tires. There are challenging trails and there are easy ones. Always "go-around" sections on the tough...
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    Uwharrie, NC Trailride Planned!!

    The run planned for Dec. 10-12 is still planned and there will be about 15-20 trucks involved. I am really trying to get a good Explorer showing for the run. There are going to be many full size Broncos as well as Chevy's. This would be an opportune time for the East coast Explorers to present...
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    Tennessee Run?

    In light of GJarrett's willingness to come from Dallas, I think Presidents day weekend would be a perfect time for a run. Why don't we come to some sort of concensus on where in Tn. we should go. There are so many trails, etc. to run. How about some suggestions as well as a central place to meet.
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    Uwharrie, NC Trailride Planned!!

    The Fourwheeling of Raleigh, NC Club has planned a trailride for Uwharrie National Forest the weekend of Dec. 10-12. Uwharrie is located 50 miles south of Greensboro and is very much like Tellico. The trails are an excellent testing ground before a trip to Tellico in January. There will be...
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    Tennessee Run?

    The trails of Tennessee are very much like that of Tellico. While there are some very steep/rocky runs, there are also some very easy passes. The terrain is very wet, rocky, and steep embanked trails. I will submit some maps/photos of the trails later. As for Tellico, my trailer was stolen...
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    Changing to manual hubs question

    I got my Warn hubs/conversion kit for $173 including shipping from Clemson 4WD. The prices here are great for Warn parts. Labor cost was about $70 at the local 4x4 shop.
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    Super Swamper SSR's

    Steve, I am running the 35x14.5x15 SSR's. They balanced very well. When I ran the same size thornbirds, it took up to 32oz. to balance the tires. The SSR's only took 9oz. at the most. They seem to do well in the rain. If you want an exact spec. on tire height/width, call National Tire...
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    Super Swamper SSR's

    Just got a set of the new Super Swamper SSR's. They are incredible. They ride like street tires with very little noise(compared to Thornbirds). Off-road, they come siped and hold very well to rocks and tight obstacles. In the mud, they tear through anything and the tread kicks any mud out...
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    Tennessee Run?

    For all the east coast guys - how about a run in the mountains of Tennessee? I was there about 2 months ago for the Rosser Roundup and the trails are awesome! I figure Tennessee is a central location along the east coast so why don't we get some guys together that can't make the many trips...
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    Ryan, Can you post the part numbers for the 9000's. I also run a 5.5" and want to put the Rancho's on and get rid of the lift included shocks. Thanks,
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    who runs the swamper boggers?

    I just sold my 35" Thornbirds and replaced them with a set of 35" Boggers. They seem to ride better than the Thornbirds and were easier to balance. They have a very loud growl going down the road but seem to do just fine on/off road.
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    traction bars

    I'm also in the same situation. I found a set that James Duff makes for $190 but am not sure if they would work although a lifted ranger is almost exactly the same as a lifted Explorer with the Superlift kit.
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    5.5 superlift front end sags

    I had a similar problem when I installed a winch after installing the 5.5" kit. I simply bought 3 pairs of Superlift coil pad spacers(steel doughnuts that the spring sits on ) and it lifted the front end about 3/4". In the rear you can remove the overload spring and decrease lift 1/4" - 1/2"...
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    Todd Edgerton ~ '93 Sport

    I am from Raleigh, N.C. and am an active member of the Four Wheeling of Raleigh club. My '93 is featured on this site under readers rigs. Since the picture I have installed a 5.5" Superlift Suspension, Lock-rights front and rear, KKM air induction, Pro-Comp skid plate, 35x14.5x15 Super Swamper...