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  1. K

    Under hood detailing

    Anybody done much on engine and underhood detailing? I painted valve covers and plenum so far, hoping looks good in vehicle. Please anyone share some photos
  2. K

    Lifted 1999 Explorer XLT

    Loving how she sits pretty. Welcome to the site. Great looking eX!
  3. K

    KC's 2nd Timing Chain Thread/Motor Rebuild

    After over a year of Expo just sitting with a snapped crank-jackshaft chain its finally time pull it all apart again and have my baby back on the road. So since I work in an autoshop now, I have easy access to goodies and hoist to help me out.. But my intentions are pretty much complete rebuild...
  4. K

    Climate controllers

    Saweet! Thanks!
  5. K

    Climate controllers

    I have a question about 2nd gens (the one I am looking at is a 98) Limited's digital climate controller.. Basically, can it work in my 99 XLT? I remember seeing something on the forums about trying to add the digital Limited center console into a lower model but would require some pretty...
  6. K

    Finally got the X metered!

    A Termlab. Type Rs MIGHT go louder, but I doubt they can take a T2500 daily. I have listened to Type Rs before but not owned them, just Xs. But yea, your not the first to say that lol. I just dont think Rs can take high wattage for long periods like Xs can, which is why I went with them over...
  7. K

    Finally got the X metered!

    Well, went to my first show to be exact. :P Placed 2nd in Stock SPL 1000-2000 class. Damn proud of my X for keeping up with 1st place winner running 4 12" Type Rs. he beat me by 0.1db. I honestly thought Id hit around 143 at most, I was shocked to see higher numbers :)
  8. K

    Pics of Sub Boxes

    Cleaned my setup up abit. Made an amprack and now running 8gauge to the subs instead of 12gauge.
  9. K

    For Sale: 1995-2001 Projector Housings (W/CCFL Halo's)

    If these are still for sale after I sell my Blazer Ill give you a shout. Always wanted to try these out but wasnt too sure on how they would look on a red eX..
  10. K

    KC's Timing chain thread

    Lol Apart from a dead battery it started perfect. Ran better and quieter too. The balance shaft can be timed yes, but unless you can get the sprocket loose to time it there isnt much you can do. I just left mine - no unusual vibrations here. Primary tensioners are more common to blow then the...
  11. K

    Post up your audio system!

    Very nice! Im liking the old skool Rockford amps you got. Dont see many of those.
  12. K

    4.0 SOHC Timing Chain Qestions

    Whoa, you needed a new pump I suppose? I didnt even need to take my water pump off. I did anyways because my gasket set came with one for it.
  13. K

    4.0 SOHC Timing Chain Qestions

    The new 6leaf tensioner is pretty beefy. This is my timing chain thread here -->
  14. K

    4.0 SOHC Timing Chain Qestions

    Hey, that looks familiar :P Mine looks like it blew apart tho.
  15. K

    Post up your audio system!

    Different people have different preferences - what you find stupid and non enjoyable, others find pretty awesome. Personally, I want more bass lol.
  16. K

    Post up your audio system!

    Lol everything shakes in there, my windshield didnt used to have a crack spanning from one end to the other :P. I surprise myself how much flex comes from those 2 12s. My liftgate window is the worst for vibrating, I can see it just falling off or shattering one day
  17. K

    Post up your audio system!

    Sorry I didnt get emails saying there were replies. Ports are 9.75x 4.25, giving me about 88inches of port area combined. Bit of overkill but it sounds good to me lol. I got a sketchUp file of the box if you want it. Here is what kind of devastation it gives me :P Havent got termlabbed yet...
  18. K

    Post up your audio system!

    Haha Thanks :P PandorasCustoms helped me design it. About 4.5cu.ft. net tuned to about 34hz. 88inches of port area. Massive box lmao
  19. K

    Post up your audio system!

    Here's a few pics of my rig. Pioneer AVICZ110BT Rockford Fosgate Power 6x8s in all 4 doors Rockford Fosgate T400-4 & T2500-1bd 2 Alpine Type Xs
  20. K

    Made a new video of system..

    Check it out, comment. Quite a bit of flex. You can subscribe if you wish but Im not going to ask, I dont post videos that often. Just thought Id make another video before I take everything out of it. As for the Expo, Im parking it for awhile once I get the Blazer. Was thinking swapping my...
  21. K

    This is what I do to my X

    Nice videos. I never bothered trying to deaden, my worst part is my lift gate window. I swear its just going to fall off one of these days lol.
  22. K

    2000 4.0L SOHC Explorer. 5R55E transmission issue.

    If the fluid was burnt, something got real hot. My guess is the bands is what got hot from slipping. If your reverse needs fairly high RPMs then the band isnt getting the tension needed and most likely slipping. Most problems can be traced back to the valvebody. I have a strange blowout...
  23. K

    2nd issues and very delayed/lossed OD

    Seems easy enough. My worst fear right now is needing to drop the transmission, pretty much near impossible. When I am able to get the garage back I will drop the pan, inspect the VB once more and the servos. Ill most likely replace the servos even if they look usable. 158xxx miles its about...
  24. K

    2nd issues and very delayed/lossed OD

    P0732: Incorrect Gear 2 Ratio P0735: Incorrect Gear 5 Ratio IDK... Ill look around some more and do band adjustments. My last shot afterwards will be replacing all solenoids and seperater plate. After that, and it still has transmission issues then Im parking it. I really love my Explorer but...
  25. K

    Solved SOHC V6 Timing Chain Parts Sources

    My kit I bought was from 4USA, contained everything but crank and jackshaft sprockets. The parts look exactly like the Ford ones above. But my old parts I replaced looked like the Borg Warners above. Old cassette left and new 4USA kits on right I havent had a problem yet engine wise...