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    clunk, clunk

    I had a similiar clunk noise that took a few weeks to figure out on my '01 Sport Trac with 90k. It came from only the passenger side when going over sharp bumps. I replaced upper control arm/ ball joint, lower ball joint, sway bar endlinks, took apart torsion bar adj./pad (looked fine). Just so...
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    Bass!!! not much of it??

    :thumbsup: Sounds like a plan! This last weekend I bought the Pioneer 5900 and according to UPS tracking, I 'll have the ThunderForm sub/enclosure tommorrow:chug: I like how it's molded to fit underneath the rear passenger side seat area with a down-firing 10". Now I just need to find a decent...
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    Bass!!! not much of it??

    Did you find a good spot for it? I have the same vehicle as you and have been looking into some ideas for added bass. That MTX speaker reminds me of the Infinity Basslink I had in my Focus sedan. Sounded decent. Nothing to rattle your teeth with but did its job in filling in. The Infinity is...
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    Explorer Sport Trac Computer Module

    This module that you are talking about is the main powertrain ECU...not the keyless entry unit.
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    Explorer Sport Trac Computer Module

    Pop up the trim piece that covers your windshield defroster vents. From outside the vehicle, look through your windshield down into the exposed passenger area. You will see a 5 digit code printed on top of a box that houses the proper module. This is your master code :thumbsup: It's kinda...