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    Sources for buying PCM

    In the following link it lists PCM part number as 8L2A-12A650-GC, hardware type as 8L2A-12B684-BA, and updated part number as 8L2A-12A650-GD Ford PCM 8L2A-12A650-GC information Plus Cordone's website lists the part number for the PCM as 8L2A-12B684-BA Vehicle Parts Listing I am not interested...
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    Sources for buying PCM

    PCM on my car is causing issues. It starts and runs fine on cold (especially now, in the winter), but as the engine heats up engine starts to stall. Slight knock on PCM also shuts the engine. Pre-heating it up to about 40C/104F causes intermittent no crank and frequent stalls. Overall PCM seems...
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    Start and then kills, wrench icon

    In my case it was also the engine computer. As the engine warms up it starts acting up, while being fine on cold.
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    2008 Mountaineer stopping while running

    Any luck with fixing the issue?
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    2007 Explorer XLT again in trouble

    Any luck fixing the issue? I have similar problems, codes are not exactly the same but do sometimes show lots of codes, which then narrow down to P060C , P600 and P1674. Though at times there are like 15 or more codes, most matching with what you wrote.
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    Start and then kills, wrench icon

    Hi, did you fix the issue? I am having basically exactly the same issues. Would start up, run, the stall. Sometimes refuses to start back up, but would start back a few minutes later with P060C, P600 and P1674
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    PCM Calibration based on a PCM part number

    Hi everyone. Need the pcm calibration file to flash to the existing pcm. Found this website that lets you download the calibration files but you have to know the calibration file name, which I don't have...
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    Issues with PCM and PATS

    The main codes as I understand are: P1674 - Control Module Software Corrupted P1260 - Theft Detected - Vehicle Immobilized P1342 - PATS malfunction Code P1674 appears from time to time. P1260 as I understand preventing the starter from engaging (starter itself is working) and is also cutting...
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    Issues with PCM and PATS

    Hello everybody. I am having no start issues, which seem to relate to either PCM or the PATS. Some pre-history. Around 3 years ago while crossing a pool of rather deep water (slightly higher than middle of the wheels) car stalled and would not start. At first it cranked but no start, but then...
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    High fuel consumption, O2 or some other issue

    Four graphs on the first screen are the o2 sensor voltages, bank1 (top, ups/downs) and bank2 (bottom). Below them are the rpm and speed. Next screen to the right is for short term fuel trims (bank1 and bank2), and the next screen is the ltfts, again bank1 and bank2. I had initially confused the...
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    High fuel consumption, O2 or some other issue

    Happy new year everybody! I have an issue with high fuel consumption. Currently it is winter time with temperatures about -10C to -16C/14F to 3F, and I am seeing about 28l/100km, 8 - 8.5mpg. I don't do a lot of idling for engine warming, but the trips are usually short, 7-8km, or about...
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    Changes during 4th generation

    mine is 2008 February and it has cap less fuel fill. It does not seem to cause any issues, at least nothing for me.
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    Screw/bolt for the MAF

    Does anyone know where can I buy the screw/bolt that holds the MAF sensor to the intake boot? I mean the two hex screws. I lost one of them.
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    Opinions of the Various REMANUFACTURED Trannies?

    SalKing, have you received the remain transmission and installed it? How is it holding up? Rockauto shows two brands for reman, "Transmission Authority" and "Famous Brands". Anyone used them?
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    Heat for defrost is not as hot as panel

    When heater is put into defrost airflow, then the heat is not as hot as in panel airflow. Is this normal? I don't have clicking noises in front, though rear AC does click and requires replacing both temperature blend and direction control motors. But this is about front module. From what I...
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    Belt drive

    I haven't checked yet with belt off, I don't have the tools to take it off. But visually my belt tensioner is vibrating. I think maybe too much, judging by other videos on youtube it should not be vibrating. What do you think? Edit: Happy new year everyone!
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    Belt drive

    Sometimes I have a belt squealing. Usually happens in the morning, especially during cold starts. Also, sometimes squeals for short period when I turn on the AC. From time to time when turning the wheels fast from one side to other, I can feel "lumps" of resistance, like hydraulic booster going...
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    Effectiveness of AC

    I always felt like the AC isn't blowing cold enough air while on idle. About a month ago had the system evacuated and refilled again with 1250grams/44oz (has auxillary ac in the back). But compared to my brother's Honda Accord 2.4 2008, it still not good enough. At an ambient temp of about...
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    5R55S harsh shifting; bump engaging reverse;

    one additional thing I noticed. As I wrote above when you came driving and engage R, most of the time R is engaged smoothly, but any further shifts from D to R go with a bump. Today what I did was to rev the engine to around 2000 rpm for about 2 seconds, let it fall back to idle then engage R...
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    Fixing paint scratches

    what does blending/feathering mean? also, in the link I gave above the guy added the paint to the scratched area, then polished which seems to have solved the problem. but the paint that he added has no clearcoat on top of it. does it mean that paint will age quicker than the surrounding area?
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    5R55S harsh shifting; bump engaging reverse;

    went to the dealer so that they check the u-joints, they say no problems. actually they think there are no issues with the auto transmission also, they think it's normal. having searched through the internet it seems a lot of explorers have this shifting behavior. I don't think it's normal, but...
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    Fixing paint scratches

    Thanks guys for advice. I went to two shops and both say a repaint is needed. I had made some macro shots of the scratches, they show a lot more then I could see with bare eyes. In the pics the scratch doesn't look white, but in person it does. First shop offers to paint the limited scratched...
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    2006 Explorer - My stock sub Replacement with Rockford 8"

    what are the details of the stock one? also 2x2ohms, or 1.2ohmsx2? I think I read somewhere here that it is dual voice coil 1.2ohm?
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    Fixing paint scratches

    it does snag the finger. though not sure if the scratch is very deep, meaning whether it actually went through the paint or not. I do see white stuff (as is visible in the picture), does this mean it went through the layer of paint and on to the primer? If I am understanding correctly then...
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    Fixing paint scratches

    will check tomorrow, but I think it will probably snag. I could see the "deepness" compared to the surrounding paint when looked closely.