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    2025 Explorer Review by Blwnsmoke

    Hopefully it’ll be an available option a little later like it was with the 2020 ST.
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    2025 Explorer Review by Blwnsmoke

    Any option for 2nd row bench seats instead of the two captains chairs?
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    Trouble filling gas tank

    That's what I was doing before too, had the big ring of the nozzle just outside of the filler neck ... never had the check engine light before.
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    Trouble filling gas tank

    I would guess 12-14 hours. Dealer had my car for about two days - I brought it in on Tuesday morning around 10am, service advisor said they had to wait for a part and asked if they could keep the vehicle overnight. I needed to get home and they didn’t have a loaner, so I got my car back around...
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    Trouble filling gas tank

    Here are the details from my write up
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    Trouble filling gas tank

    I just had this (gas pump click stop) happen to me last Saturday. On Sunday evening, the check engine light lit up and Ford Pass said there was an issue with evaporative emission system. Went to dealer on Tuesday and they got the code from the scanner. They had to overnight a part to replace...
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    WeatherTech Side Window Air Deflectors

    This has to be a joke … they made soap holders instead of making the deflectors. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Solved 2020 FORSCAN Discussion

    Differences listed in the chart here
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    2021 Explorer Platinum Order Status Timeline

    You have a similar timeline to me. My order was from 4/12, finally went into production on 9/8 and built on 9/9. Estimated delivery to dealer is 10/5.
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    2021 explorer ST order status

    I wonder if Ford has prebuilt Explorers that are sitting at a lot missing the backordered chips, and they’re fulfilling some orders quicker by installing the chips on those units.
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    2021 explorer ST order status

    That's kind of fast, my April order just started production this week!
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    WeatherTech Side Window Air Deflectors

    Still nothing available from WeatherTech for in-channel window deflectors ☹️
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    2021 explorer ST order status

    Just got an update (from dealer) that mine just went into production today! Dealer modified one of their existing orders from 4/12/21. Hoping it's a new build and not something they're installing a chip on after initial production. Stinks that we won't get Sync4 with the almost 22 models. LOL
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    Switch Captains Seats for Bench

    My dealer told me the captains chairs can’t be swapped for a bench, the bolt positions are different, and has to be done at the factory.
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    More Tech On The Way

    I was hoping you were going to say Sync 4 is now available for the 20-21 Explorers!
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    How-To: Mirrortap install for 2016+ Explorer (for Radar Detector / Dash Cam)

    Just wanted to say thank you!!!! Your pin outs on the white connector worked for my 2018 Explorer with the lane keep camera.
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    Ordered my 2019 Sport 6-13-18

    All the Ford dealers around me do ... when I call/email about a vehicle, that’s when they tell me it’s a customer order and not available, and offer me a similar vehicle or offer to help me order one.
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    How to: Explorer LED Interior swap + Puddle Lamps DIY

    Anybody know the color temp of the interior leds on a 2018 Explorer for 2nd and 3rd rows?
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    2020 Explorer PIU

    And someone is ultimately paying for that “free” electricity!
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    2018 Explorer antenna

    I use Waze thru applink, so I don’t know if it affects GPS.
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    2018 Explorer antenna

    Nope, I have a short garage.
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    2018 Explorer antenna

    The long antenna is for FM radio reception. I couldn’t get any of the far stations without it on. The problem is the antenna is so long that I can’t get into my garage without risking breaking it.
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    roof mount antenna

    The long antenna mast can be screwed and unscrewed from the shark fin base on the 18. Has to do it to get into my garage.