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  1. J

    Off road shop

    Well I plan on movin back out to az later this year, might just have to go to the 4wheel parts in oh then. You have a web site, phone # or addy for quadratec?
  2. J

    Off road shop

    Well I moved back to pa from az & dont have a 4wheel parts close anymore :( So would anyone be able to give me names & #'s to some shops in the pa area. Im near bloomsburg but im willing to drive if the shop is good. Say between NJ & Pittsburg.
  3. J

    Wireless Router and my new laptop

    If Windows Zero Configuration is enabled & picking up wifi networks then dont bother with the linksys client. You can use either WZC or linksys but not both. You can right click on the green linksys icon down by the clock to quickly switch between them. Be carefull what ya tell peeps...
  4. J

    The truth about fluid changes, and flushes from an independent shop owner.

    Thatd be my best guess. Good reading thou. I will never go to some place like "quick lube" just because I know they are doing a cheap service.
  5. J

    SAS run

    Deff a nice ranger. Heh yea always fun when you drop a cylinder
  6. J

    97 Explorer 4x4 Body armor?

    Think ya posted this in the wrong section. Try here
  7. J

    Truck Haven 2007 Feb. 10-11 Discussion Thread

    One of the many reasons I dont miss the east coast raynr. Long as our truck is ready we'll be going.
  8. J

    New Years or early Jan. AZ wheeling trip.

    How difficult is the main Table Mesa trail? Ive been wanting to run it but dont have much done to the truck as my sig below shows.
  9. J

    New Years or early Jan. AZ wheeling trip.

    lol, Think Ill sit this one out then.
  10. J

    New Years or early Jan. AZ wheeling trip.

    How difficult of a trail do yous plan on running?
  11. J

    Virus Software that doesn't suck up resources?

    Actually its not good to use both. Even though its not causing a prob for you, having 2 anti-virus's installed can conflict w/ each other & cause a lot of issues.
  12. J

    Soa Conversion

    I dont know the # of degrees but if Im not mistakin, the driveshaft is suppose to be at an angle. If I remember right, if there isnt any angle the UV will wear quicker. Im sure someone else can shed more light on it. Dont know about the perches. All I do know is that when I looked into it, I...
  13. J

    Thinking out loud about suspension design

    Theres actually an old military truck w/ this exact design. We seen one in Flagstaff last winter. It looked pretty cool. Im headin out the door, will have to do a search later & see if I can find the name of it.
  14. J

    Virus Software that doesn't suck up resources?

    Thats a nice link, I like that site. Too bad they dont have symantec corp for their test.
  15. J

    Your rig(s)

    Probly just water. The dude I know that has a e6400 o/c'd his to 2.8g on factory cpu voltage & factory heatsink.
  16. J

    Your rig(s)

    Yea my deathstar, i mean deskstar heh was the same way except had to run a dos utility to set sata 3g. Yea thats a nice '06 score, of course a 7900 will do that for ya ;)
  17. J

    Lets see pics/vids of Explorer fun in the snow!

    Heh, west. Damn I didnt know it snowed anywhere near san diego, then again Ive only been out there once.
  18. J

    Your rig(s)

    Nice bp. Im trying to sell my setup for a E6400.
  19. J

    Lets see pics/vids of Explorer fun in the snow!

    Some good snow pics. Ill have to wait untill it snows up north before I can go play (doesnt snow in phoenix :p: ). Last year they had all the trails closed after a snow storm in flagstaff. :mad: Hey rangerX, were you east of san diego?
  20. J


    Yea I hear ya there, mines the same way. Mine acts like even a fan will drain the bank acc. Im bout ready to put a curb on that, no reason cant spend the money I work for on things I want.
  21. J

    iPod freezing my computer when plugged in

    If it happened after installing a new version of itunes, I would un-install it off & put version 6 back on.
  22. J


    Thank you. Im gona sell it & go w/ core 2 duo. Actually I dont have a x850. Its a HIS X800 GTO Non VIVO PCI-E.
  23. J

    small lift?????

    Absolutely. Late 90's ~ 200x (dont remember what yr) fit our X's. To me the price is very resonable considering its 100% bolt in w/ a skid plate to the crossmember. Heres the bumper Ive looked @ 4dr leafs & I want something...
  24. J

    small lift?????

    aaaa ok. Yea co is deff better than jersey. Actually AAL cant be put on a monoleaf. Tax time probly gona go w/ a set of Deaver Leafs & a 3" bl to fit 33x12.5 trxus. Long as PA law allows it (moving back end of this yr) will put on a Dixon Bros tube front bumper.
  25. J

    incoming water

    I didnt even think about wiring. Duno if it be that one thou as he said its the back seat.