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  1. Z

    Intermittent hard starting 2000 5.0.

    Heck yeah! Love this thing. Its about 10psi. While running its at 60 or so. So far today I've been turning the key 3-5 times to prime the system and no issues. It's definitely fuel related. Truck doesn't have codes, rough idle or issues at WOT. I'm thinking it has to be the pump going out, the...
  2. Z

    Intermittent hard starting 2000 5.0.

    Hey everyone. I've read many old threads and haven't found conclusive answers. I have intermittent hardstarting on my 2000 5.0. Sometimes it cranks for 3-5 seconds like its starved for fuel, sometimes it doesn't. Doesn't matter if I prime the fuel pump by turning the key on a few times or not...